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Callpod unveils version 2 of the Chargepod product


January 11, 2009

Callpod's V2 ChargePod.

Callpod's V2 ChargePod.

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January 11, 2008 Version 2 of Callpod's ChargePod product is still a few months away, but we can't wait to get hold of the product already. The 2nd Generation ChargePod is a 120W AC/auto/air adapter that can power a laptop, 3 small devices, and 3 USB devices all simultaneously.

Callpod claims that they support over 3000 devices, they've been selling the compatible V1 ChargePod for some time now, so they do have the benefit of already developing device adapters that can be used with the V2 ChargePod.

For more information check out Callpod's product demo on their website.

Dave Weinstein

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