Calligaris introduces the use of "Liquid Wood" to its furniture collection


April 19, 2012

SKIN is Calligaris’ first product made by molding Liquid Wood

SKIN is Calligaris’ first product made by molding Liquid Wood

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During Milan Design Week 2012, Italian furniture maker Calligaris has introduced a chair made from Liquid Wood, a composite biomaterial consisting of polymer and wood. It is said to be 100% recyclable, and is produced with raw materials that are easily available and renewable.

Liquid Wood is molded like a normal thermoplastic polymer, reportedly allowing for versatility and high performance in terms of durability, resistance and flexibility. The material is mainly composed of lignin and cellulose, which are found in the cells of plants.

SKIN is Calligaris’ first product made of Liquid Wood. The air-molding technology that is used to manufacture this chair involves the co-injection of polypropylene and glass fiber. The chair series features a simple and minimalist design, is easily stackable, and suitable for outdoor use.

Source: Calligaris

Photos: Bridget Borgobello/Gizmag

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