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Callaway turns the 2014 Corvette Stingray into a wagon


March 18, 2013

The Callaway AeroWagon package broadens the hatchback on the new Corvette

The Callaway AeroWagon package broadens the hatchback on the new Corvette

Chevrolet offered the first Corvette hatchback on the 1982 Collector Edition. This model and future Corvettes that repeated the hatchback feature added convenience and versatility to the sports coupe. Apparently Callaway doesn't feel that Chevy developed the hatchback enough over the past three decades and has broadened the hatchback on the new Corvette, creating a Corvette wagon.

Previous Callaway Corvette packages like the C16 focused more on performance and style, but the new AeroWagon makes utility its priority.

Callaway released a rendering last week but hasn't revealed the complete details of the package. It clearly pushes the roof line up, adding a bigger hatch and extra trunk space. The package uses carbon components and Callaway anticipates that it will create a 200 mph+ supercar with shooting brake proportions.

Callaway looks to gauge market reaction – which we can't imagine being overwhelmingly favorable – and begin building its packages once 2014 Corvette production gets underway later this year. The package will add around US$15,000 to the Corvette's sticker price and will be available through Callaway's nationwide dealership.

Love or hate the shooting brake, the 2014 Corvette does not strike us as the right vehicle for it. The extended roof clashes uncomfortably with the muscular fender-beltline. At the very least, the company should say the hell with visibility and let the roof line flow naturally into the rear fascia, rather than making a sharp downward plunge to support what we assume is a tiny rear windshield.

Source: Callaway

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Loved that wagon look since the PV1800. Would like to see more of this car. For the non driving purists practicality can come in degrees. Thank you Gizmag for your knowledgeable and daily articles.

Old Guy

I think it looks fantastic - looks like a Ferrari FF but without the sticker shock.

If I was in the market for a new car, this would deserve consideration - there aren't a lot of shooting breaks on the market....

Chris Maresca

Looks nice, but surely a Corvette pick-up truck would have been more in character.

Steve Jones

Profile looks awesome. Would love to see more of it. I was putting different roofs on Corvette model cars 45 years ago. And this reminds me a little of the Volvo P1800ES back in the 70's. Might have to break the piggy bank and get me one of these!!

Geoffrey Grinnell

I love it! The idiot auto manufacturers have forsaken the Station Wagon in the U.S. while producing them for the rest of the world. For example, Hyundai makes a gorgeous Sonata wagon sold in Europe...but NO, not here in the U.S.


I vote "yes", too. I love the looks of it and it does away with the cramped feel of trying to take stuff with you which has to be carefully chosen and packed in order to fit.


YES! Love it. We certainly get screwed out of wagons here in North America, not everyone wants to drive a 4x4 minivan called a cross-over.

Joel Smith

Looks Great! The station wagon form factor will no doubt be"re-discovered" in time. However what is a "shooting brake"?


Ummm.... Next: 4x4 pickup version with chrome roll bar and ginormous fog lights perhaps?



Does it have a 255mph top speed like the 1988 Callaway Corvette ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8dI-47Z2hI


Definitely one of the stupidest things I've seen in quite some time. It's a sports car, not a station wagon. It's also not a truck, a motorcycle, an airplane, or a boat. Does that mean that we should start trying to make it fly, float, have two wheels, blah blah blah? Come on.


it's looking like the people who like this are way ahead of the folks who don't. put me down as a "yes" also. i like the looks of the raised roof line and like the idea of having a bit more room to haul stuff. people don't think about the guy, or gal, who only own one vehicle and they want it to be a special vehicle. there are many corvette owners in that catagory. this will let them have their special car and haul the ikea coffe table home as well.


Id rent this, nice ride.

Stephen Russell

re; sailr

The CAFE fuel efficiency standards killed the full sized station wagon in the USofA.


There were kits to modify the 1970's Corvette into a squared back wagon.

Gregg Eshelman

So many high end cars are wildly impracticle for common use. There's more to driving than just going for a spin. Hell, ya can't even take your honey for a weekend of golf or whatever! This could start a trend. I'll buy a lotto ticket this week fur sure.

Charles Slavens

The Euro environmental standards are arguably more stringent than ours here in the USA. I suspect what killed off the station wagon is lack of market. There are very few manufacturers of anything that drive demand, most often it is the makers meeting demand.

In this case, we in the USA, did not want any station wagons so they stopped producing them. Subaru still makes station wagons or at least what I call a station wagon.

I was so upset with the latest Corvette because after advertising that all but two parts are completely new (a roof hinge and the cabin filter) I surely expected to see a mid-engine super car with a beautiful wrap. The front is slightly garish and the back is a Camaro!

At least this is unique. In the end, like most other cars, the market will determine if they are produced. Based on a completely unscientific survey (this articles comments that is) they will produce this car.

Dr. Veritas

Oh wow - I love the station wagon. You know, practically speaking, any car that's a hatchback or a minivan is technically a station wagon (at least that's how they classified my Dodge Caravan here in Canada). Currently I have both a 1997 Escort wagon (with the delicious 'bumped' roof) and a 2005 Focus wagon. Perfect little cars! The closest thing to this I can think of is the Dodge Magnum with a SRT-8. Or maybe a Volvo turbo wagon. But you know what - no, not really. Corvette really is it's own class. I think "shooting break" implies a two seater station wagon.


It reminds me of the shape of the British Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6 of 1976. At the time, this was a high-end car. Everyone is entitle to their opinions. In my book, I think it a good move and I love the shape.



Love it!

John Dilley
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