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Cadillac Converj extended-range EV Concept to go into production as Cadillac ELR


August 18, 2011

The Cadillac ELR

The Cadillac ELR

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The Cadillac Converj luxury coupe, which made such a splash back in 2009 with its extended-range EV technology, is destined for production and will be named the Cadillac ELR.

Not many details of the new ELR are available other than that it will feature an electric propulsion system made up of a T-shaped lithium ion battery, an electric drive unit, and a four-cylinder engine-generator.

The Cadillac ELR is powered by electricity, and when the battery's energy gets low, it moves into extended-range mode by switching on the gas-powered generator which enables hundreds of additional miles.

The ELR can also be plugged into the mains to recharge the battery as it uses the same Voltec powertrain as GM's other extended-range electric vehicle, the Volt.

Whether consumers will wish to pay extra for a prestige brand which uses essentially the same internals as the Volt is another matter, but it's a move in the right direction.

The original Converj Concept from 2009.



Daniel Plata Baca

I will confess that I like the look of this Cadillac but just not to sure I\'d pay a Caddy price for something with Chevy guts?


Although it\'s a pleasant surprise that Cadillac is going to produce the ELR, it\'s a little disappointing that Cadillac did not use the body styling of their Cien coupe-unless that is, they are going to produce the Cien in the near future. I would suggest that with the large expanse of roof of the ELR, the roof could accomodate a large number of solar cells--the kind developed at Stanford that utilizes both visible light and infrared. [see Gizmag newsletter dated 8/3/2010] Cars parked or traveling on sunny days would help to keep the batteries charged to full capacity, thus extending that part of a car\'s journey that uses electricity. Origo



Would you look at that!!!

Ain\'t that a peach! Looks like GM is stepping right on up and this is the RIGHT move. Hope that they offer some real colors rather than the staid family stuff.

It\'s a beauty through and through.

Now what\'t this crap about Chevy Guts?? Listen nutso, they are all developed in the same garage by brilliant engineers.

The volt actually is a Cadillac masquerading as a common family car. It isn\'t, it\'s fantastic and the wave of the future... slick, smooth, quiet and fast.

The Volt is the finest automobile on Planet Earth and this kicks it up a bunch of notches.

So Obama was nuts saving GM? Are you crazy or something?? This is just wonderful, the best news in the past 6 months and Bob Lutz lives again.

Bravo GM!

Island Architect

So what is the Cd? Weight? Why are wheel wells not covered? Is the undercarriage sealed? Range? Price? Does anyone else think these are important questions?


origo - 1) It seems more like the styling of their CTS-V coupe but even nicer - it\'ll also have a CTS-V coupe price, so that makes sense.

2) \"I would suggest that with the large expanse of roof of the ELR, the roof could accomodate a large number of solar cells\"

I don\'t know about the production model, but the concept unit they demoed did indeed have solar panels on the roof used to power internal car devices.

What looks interesting to me is that from the looks of it they seem to have kept the Converj\'s use of cameras instead of side view mirrors. If so, this is going to be one VERY cool Caddy.


Yes a Very Cool Caddy ! No dought over priced as is the way here to continue to gouge the public . We saved GM and they still want our last cent . I will hold onto mine !

David Walker

Mr Walker. That\'s the way of premium products. There are always those with enough disposables to push the envelope of marginal utility. Those folk who are prepared to pay outrageous dollars for their first class airline seats help to keep the price down for those of us at the volume end of the market. Don\'t resent it. By all means hold onto your \"cents\" - everyone is free to aspire to the premium end or to laugh at those who think that\'s what\'s really of value.


Perhaps the solar cells could be used to run some fans to keep the cabin cooler when the car is parked. Certainly don\'t want to fry any grandchildren or any precious dogs.

Now when it comes to cost... do you remember when Cadillacs cost the outrageous amount of 7,000? Well the next door neighbor just bought his inferior Mercedes Benz and you knew that cost 14,000. My God, how could you save face knowig that he shelled out that much for a car. Obviously you were a damned piker!

Face is the issue. And when it comes down to it, the Cadillac will be far less expensive than a number of cars that will be far more expensive and more shodily engineered and constructed.

The lead engineer on the Volt mentioned that it spent an enormous amount of time in the test stands of the Performance Test Labs.

CD, underside body panels, enclosed wheel wells and weight are irrelivant to the real issue... mileage or cost of operation. With the volt and this vehicle you can achieve mileage ratings well beyond 200MPG depending upon your driving style.

This is a very heavy car for it\'s size, solid as all get out. I\'d much perfer to be in an accident in this or the Volt knowing that the finest testing has gone on. Way safer than a Leaf or the other lightweight hybrids.

Remember, this operates on the same concept of the WWII submarines... it only runs electric. The small gasoline engine is a part of a motor-generator set.

The GM engineers have outhought everyone else and it\'s available now.


Island Architect

O.K. still have to comment on one thing, even though it\'s beautiful and every one here seems to like it, I\'d like to point out that GM has hardly sold a single Chevy Volt, why would they or any one else think they\'ll sell these? Just say\'n? :-)


Au contraire!

The run has totally sold out and the 2012 model is underway.

There is a part of me that thinks that the Converj might even sell at higher rates providing that they offer some great colors like the Camaro.

Saw it at the autoshow and it was the finest advanced design of all.

Just stunning!!!


Island Architect
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