C-string makes your average thong look like grannypants (NSFW)


November 15, 2009

Yes, that's supposed to be a piece of underwear. No, me neither.

Yes, that's supposed to be a piece of underwear. No, me neither.

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Does this fit under our 'emerging technology' tagline? It's hard to say. It's certainly emerging from somewhere. Ladies, if you find a g-string too restrictive, or you're fond of wearing paper-thin dresses and waging an eternal war against the visible panty line, you now have the option of wearing the above device, which is called the CString. While there's no 'string' actually involved, onlookers can certainly 'C' just about everything, including an awkward rear aspect that looks something like a pencil clenched between the wearer's buttocks. This is one of those occasions when we should *all* be glad that this isn't a Gizmag road test. There are further photos in the gallery, but we'd struggle to call them safe for work. You've been warned.

One of these days, somebody will take the "less is more" trend in women's underwear to its logical conclusion and start selling lacy postage stamps. Until then, there's the CString.

CString Direct claim that the CString can be worn as lingerie OR swimwear, and that in addition to eliminating visible panty lines, it also helps you dodge tan lines. One thing's for sure, it's for confident ladies only.

Click through to the image gallery at your own risk.

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I showed my g/f this article and she said, \" please order me some \"


On a related note, my friend sent me this retarded article on little quirks your guy will love in bed. read - wearing your thong as a hair-tie. oh, yes.

Harbinger of Evil

I first saw these on a couple of models on a beach near Amsterdam in 1987 ... nothing new here ... but interesting all the same !!

Stephen Breen

It is used in brasilian carnival for years...

Danillo De Andrade

The \"minikini\" was designed by dutch lady Marielle Bolier in the 70s!!! just saying... Oh, and the brand minikini sells pubic hair colouring products.. ;) again, just saying...


How about a heart shaped one for Valentines Day? The next big little thing.

Ron Wagner

Definitely not work wear. There would be several health and safety issues mainly for the men who see it!

Ian Griffiths

gizmag has steeped to a new low for what I thought was a fairly classy STEM ezine.

nowhere did it mention the composite fabric used and if the geometry is suitable for just 1 size!

note to the editors: please post more product placement pictures of models in diverse sizes and diverse backgrounds, with this intriguing new c-string technology, preferably in close proximity to one another.



Ewwww. sorry, but when I look at this all I can see is a Sanitary Napkin. Really not sexy at all. This is a case where less is definitely not more.......


I'm with Kaygirl111. Maxi pad all the way!

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