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Buzzed Buzzer: a build-your-own alcohol-detecting party horn


December 22, 2012

Buzzed Buzzer -- these are the various components that go into making a party horn with a difference

Buzzed Buzzer -- these are the various components that go into making a party horn with a difference

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The silly season is upon us, and the big New Year celebrations are approaching fast. This means there will be plenty of people letting their hair down, with lashings of alcohol often the order of the day. The Buzzed Buzzer that is disguised as an ordinary party horn offers a simple way of checking if someone has been partaking in some festive cheer.

Buzzed Buzzer provides a pretty simple way to see if someone has enjoyed a tipple or two as the party horn only makes a sound if alcohol is present on the breath of the person blowing into it. The device was created by Tyler DeAngelo and Sacha De'Angeli, who have offered the Buzzed Buzzer concept to all who are interested, completely for free. The only catch being you have to source and buy the materials, and then actually put the thing together yourself.

To do so, you take an ordinary party horn, add a micro-controller, an alcohol sensor, a resistor, a buzzer, a battery, and a battery charger, and you end up with the Buzzed Buzzer. That is obviously simplifying the process just a little, and there's a detailed set of instructions available via the source link below. Thankfully it isn't a complicated process, but it will still require someone with a basic understanding of electronics, preferably before they've had a drink themselves.

Buzzed Buzzer offers no indication of blood alcohol levels, so shouldn't be used in place of a dedicated breathalyser when deciding whether or not to get behind the wheel. However, much like the way in which temperature can be discerned by the chirping of crickets, the frequency and volume of the horn could provide a rough idea of the level of alcohol consumption.

The video below shows the Buzzed Buzzer in action.

Source: Buzzed Buzzer via Dvice

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