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January 16, 2010

Never have to "hold on" for too long again - the Bumper Dumper

Never have to "hold on" for too long again - the Bumper Dumper

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When taking a long scenic drive or getting away camping for the weekend, one guarantee aside from the picturesque views and camp side tranquility is that you, or one of your fellow adventurers are going to need to answer a call of nature at a most inappropriate time – i.e. in the car in the middle of nowhere or halfway through a forest hike. Well gone are the days of the “phantom squat” or ducking behind a tree and hoping not to be stumbled on by a family of tourists. This nifty invention known rather fittingly as the Bumper Dumper, is literally a toilet seat attached to a steel frame that requires only a trailer hitch receiver to turn the back of your vehicle into a veritable port-a-potty making the whole “roughing it” experience far more palatable.

All a user requires is a trailer hitch receiver on the back of their vehicle and the steel frame of the Bumper Dumper can be easily attached. The unit comes with a standard full size toilet seat or users may opt to use their own, and can even interchange it for a more comfortable seat should they wish to sit and ponder life that bit longer.

Users can either attach a standard garbage bag to the Bumper Dumper or affix a 5 gallon drum, and it even sports a toilet paper holder at the side. They really have thought of everything – that is, as long as you can hold on long enough to find a secluded enough spot to put the thing into action.

The Bumper Dumper is available for US$69.95


No! Hit the brakes Helen! I ain\'t done yet!!!


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This isn\'t exactly new. Top Gear used this in their North Pole episode which first broadcast in 2007. Of course being the funsters they are, one of them was sitting on it while the other jumped in the cab and started driving off.


I wouldn\' t use it even if they payed me. unless i reall had to go of course


I have seen these at many deer hunting camps. They work just fine, and a tarp and a few poles make it private. A bit breezy I will admit, but nothing new.

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