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This iPhone case can stop a .50 caliber bullet


April 17, 2012

Marudai's case for the iPhone 4 is so heavily armored that the company claims it can stop a direct hit from a .50 caliber bullet

Marudai's case for the iPhone 4 is so heavily armored that the company claims it can stop a direct hit from a .50 caliber bullet

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When it comes to iPhone cases, people usually want them to do two main things: protect their prized phone and be comfortable to use (and possibly charge the phone like the JuiceTank or the Sandberg BatteryCase). If you're willing to sacrifice comfort for more durability however, Japanese company, Marudai Corp. has got the product for you. Its newest case for the iPhone 4 is so heavily armored that the company claims it can stop a direct hit from a .50 caliber bullet, while keeping your smartphone intact.

The armored case features an inch of solid steel embedded in the back, which is what gives the phone cover its bulletproof ability. To attach the case, the phone has to literally be bolted in using an Allen wrench. Marudai also claim that a bullet hitting one of the bolts will still leave your iPhone undamaged. But while the back of the case is solidly protected, the front screen is still completely uncovered so the phone's touchscreen can still be used.

Of course, the hefty case does come with quite a few disadvantages. For one, the case raises the weight of the iPhone 4 from half a pound to about 4.5 pounds (2.1 kg) and the thickness from half an inch to about 1.5 inches (39.6 mm). That doesn't exactly make for a comfortable case that can fit easily in your pocket (though on the plus side, you could get a good workout from power walking with it in your hand). Another disadvantage is the thick armor plating requires a separate lens for the camera, which restricts its viewpoint to a smaller circle and makes all your pictures look like they were shot through a peephole.

Aside from all that, there's one more, much larger disadvantage: the price. Muradai is selling their bulletproof case for 52,500 yen (US$650), although that does include free shipping, a spare lens, and a commemorative dummy bullet. Considering that's almost twice as much as the cost of a brand new iPhone 4 though, it might be easier to just get a good warranty and back up your data regularly.

Source: Marudai Corp

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I finally have proof that I am not the person that comes up with the most ludicrous ideas on earth.


This may stop the round but unlikely to dissipate the energy especially if was in a pocket at the time.................


^^ I'm with Slowburn :)))

Михаил Финогенов

Hmm. that aint a 50 cal round in the picutre, and as far as the armour goes, it had better be hardened, and I would not want it in my pocket when it got hit: "with a capability of completely perforating 0.875" (22.2 mm) of face-hardened armor steel plate at 100 yards (91 m), and 0.75 inches at 500 yards."

Mark Eastaugh

Given the prevalence of firearms - and people ready and willing to use them - in certain countries, perhaps there's a market for these cases after all. Might just save more than an iPhone....



the 50 cal is pretty much the big daddy of available calibers. It doesn't really get any bigger with ammo regular citizens can easily get ahold of.

I can't imagine any possibility that the screen shown could stop anything near a 50cal. I've seen much smaller ammo go through 3/4 inch steel plate easily, and Mark's right. You wouldn't want to get hit with it even with the phone case protecting you. The force of that blast could potentially kill you without penetrating.

Dave Andrews

Good grief, a direct hit from the .50 cal. BMG. I don’t think so! Maybe they’re referring to the .50 cal. Action Express pistol round. A fraction of the BMG’s power, if true it’s still very impressive.

Joe Clearman

What if I shot it on the front side?

Michael Liu

Thats real good news because now they can start making a 100 cal ? good news all around for baddies and goodies


I'm with Dave and Mark. THis thing is a joke. Forget even the energy dissipation at the point of contact, what about deformation of the steel? That thing is going to be bent with a couple of inches of distension, that would bend the phone in the case as well. Not to mention that inertia will drive the case several inches into your body.

Alix Paultre

The case might survive a civilian 50 caliber round (non-armor piercing and not the radioactive uranium rounds the US used in Afghanistan and Iraq by the millions) but the user would still die from the shock. It is reminiscent of the Timex commercials where a watch would be run over by a truck but still keep on ticking, not that the owner would care if the watch was on their wrist at the time.


I suppose if you hit the thing with a .50 round it might survive in some shape or other, but the problem would be finding it unless it was welded down to something heavy. Otherwise it might well take off at a couple of hundred feet per second from the momentum transfer.

William Mosby

Feeling nostalgic... this brings back the days when you could beat someone to death with your phone.


So I guess this would be very handy if you don't want to be shot in the groin or upper front-thigh!


re; Calson

The USofA military does not use 50cal ammo containing uranium, depleted or otherwise.


What astute observation can I make that has not already been made?

I know... "It's a great idea, but it's a terminally stupid idea - but to be fair - it's a really great stupid idea".

No one will ever use it. No one in their right mind that is.

But glue a bit of hard foam rubber to the screen side, and get a hammer and you have a nice nut cracker / anvil for your desk.

You could glue some carborundum paper to the top and have a really nice pencil sharpener too.

Stick it in a big sock and swing that around your head and you have a fatal kind of a street fighting / domestic weapon.

Ummmm, you could light a little fire underneath it and have a roaster / fry pan for some sausages.

Ummmmmmmm If you had 2 of them you could stick one on each side of your head and play Dr Who and the Cybermen...

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm an insect killer - place bug on face marked A, hit with face marked B......

Me thinks personally that it's just easier to wrap your phone in a plastic zip lock lunch bag and stash it in your clothing bag - and only do regular remote back ups if you need to.

Mr Stiffy

sorry gotta laugh, how absurd, if this was in your chest pocket and I spanked your hairless white chest Johnathan and hit this phone cover with 41AE you would not get up ever again, let alone the not shown 50 caliber round that would place your phone near the rear of where your heart lives with broken ribs, the 41AE would just crush your heart, yeah I load my own, and know the dynamics of impact speed and weight of the bullet

Bill Bennett

If I'm getting shot by a 50 cal, I'd probably not be so concerned if my personal techno bling gets hit...

Even without deformation of the case, would the phone actually survive the acceleration from the transfer of momentum?

Why stop at protecting the back? If cost is no object, why not build up a 12 inch thick ballistic glass in the front and attach a sacrificial touch layer on top. Make the whole thing hermetically sealed. Then you'll need to add a small nuclear generator to keep the phone powered up for the next 30 years. As a result, heat build up might become an issue, so we'll need to build in a refrigeration unit within the housing. While we're at it we should also add a layer of heat insulating tiles from the space shuttle orbiter...I hear NASA won't be needing them anymore. Finish off by adding auto-deploying air bag and parachute system, you could literally drop this thing out the window from space and save your phone!

The whole thing then should come with a complimentary BigDog to help transport the resulting 400 lb phone and case. You would finally have the badest-ass iPhone setup in the universe...that is unti Apple releases the next version with a entirely different form factor.


Company doesn't provide proof. .50 Caliber shot from WHAT? Sniper rifle? Revolver?

Makes huge difference!

Also, can withstand hit on display?

In the USA .50 is the legal upper limit for civilians except for black powder. Shotguns are exceptions too. 12 guage = .73 caliber

Charles Barnard

Reminds me of the 1997 Day of the Jackal remake where Bruce Willis shoots to death the maker of his gun mount with a 20 mm cannon as he held up the cigar in this hand as a target.


how about one for a 700 nitro express?

Stefan Sorgard

Not saying that the inventor has manufactured this from the correct materials but IF they have, then the "total square inches" size of the case is greater than the size of a rifle butt and therefore, the energy transfers from the relatively tiny projectile, out to the number of square inches of case size, and the impact damage to the person hit would be about the same as (or less than) the shoulder of the shooter. Of course, all bets are off if the case folds up around the projectile or pooches out into a projectile-like shape upon impact. This is the same reason trauma plates are necessary in soft body armor when faced with higher energy rounds (i.e., the soft armor deforms too much.)


First of all, that's no .50 cal bullet shown, since it's not five and a half inches long.

Now if you're holding the phone out when it gets hit, the screen, circuit board, and battery will spall, that is, become small particles that spray at destructive speeds. Kinda like getting shot with rock salt.

Now if the phone is in your shirt pocket, flush against your chest, I do think you'll survive a standard round, but it's gonna sting a bit. You're not gonna fly back like an action movie. It'll be similar to the kick the rifle gives.

Jeremy King

The iPhone 4 has flash on it yet if you look at the picture of the camera the hole is round meaning the flash is behind the case... I bet the case is a bitch to get off. (I know how old this is lol)

Joe Fenlon

I don't know how I missed this two year old article. It's pretty funny. I don't think it will matter much if this phone is in your pocket or the sniper misses by half an inch.

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