Now you can buy a Bugatti for $1,000 – but it's a toaster


April 16, 2014

The Bugatti Noun ceramic glass toaster

The Bugatti Noun ceramic glass toaster

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Before you get too excited, it's not that Bugatti. Nonetheless, the Bugatti appliance company's transparent Noun toaster does sport some quite remarkable features, including the ability to very precisely cook foods other than toast – and at a price of a thousand bucks, you'd expect it to.

Instead of the usual glowing heating elements, the Noun utilizes two panels of "a special transparent glass ceramic material with an ultra-high resistance semiconductor." Using far infrared radiation, those panels are able to generate temperatures as high as 300ºC (572ºF) within 80 seconds, which allows the device not only to toast bread, but also to cook foods such as meat, fish or vegetables.

The Bugatti Noun (lower right) at this month's EuroCucina kitchen exhibition in Milan

Items are placed on its cooking platform (and contained within a cooking bag, if necessary) then lowered between the two heat-emitting panels. Those panels move in to actually touch the sides of the food, so the heat is transferred directly instead of going through the air, as would be the case in a regular toaster or broiler. For that reason, Bugatti claims that the cooking process can be much more precisely controlled.

A touchscreen display – or an app – allows users to set the temperature and cooking time, and to choose from presets for functions such as heating bagels, defrosting, and toasting. The food is automatically raised out of the toaster when ready. The panels can be removed for cleaning, at which time the crumb collection tray can also be emptied.

If you have about US$1,000 lying around, the Noun should be available in Europe as of this October, with a US release expected at the beginning of next year.

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A top-end ordinary toaster and a George Foreman Grill would do the same jobs.

The Skud

Meh. Give those panels a 640x480 grid of pixels, and an app to map graphics onto them, and yeah - I'd have no problem spending $1k on it... And, for the record, I spent a week trying to buy something that toasted patterns a few months back - nothing exists (yeah - loads of announcements and demos and fake products in google, but nothing you can buy exists).

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