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Pump action Bug-A-Salt takes down insects in a hail of table salt


July 25, 2012

Lorenzo Maggiore with his Bug-A-Salt pump action gun that finishes bugs off with a pinch of salt

Lorenzo Maggiore with his Bug-A-Salt pump action gun that finishes bugs off with a pinch of salt

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We recently took a look at the InaTrap insect trap that lures insects into its designer-inspired form to quietly and efficiently send them to an early grave. But if you’re looking for something slightly more badass that provides a greater sense of satisfaction when taking out those pesky bugs then it’s hard to go past the Bug-A-Salt. The brainchild of Santa Monica-based artist Lorenzo Maggiore, the Bug-A-Salt is a pump action gun that takes out pests in a blast of non-toxic table salt.

The “insect eradication device” has an effective range of three to five feet (0.9 to 1.5 m) and holds enough salt for around 50 shots. Once filled via the loader cap on the top, the gun is primed by pumping the handgrip. This activates the pop-up sight for taking aim and the auto-safety, which needs to be manually disengaged before firing. This is because firing it into someone’s face is likely to sting quite a bit and could potentially damage an eye.

The Bug-A-Salt fires just a pinch of salt (no batteries required) with enough force to kill a fly, while still leaving it intact. This makes it easy to dispose of the remains or, now that the fly is a little more tasty, maybe enjoy a snack – or not. Either way, the use of salt as the projectile means you can fire away with gay abandon around food, which isn’t possible with toxic fly sprays. Not to mention, shooting the insects is bound to be much more fun.

Maggiore has finalized the design of the Bug-A-Salt and has turned to crowdfunding site indiegogo to cover manufacturing and shipping costs. With 48 days still remaining, the project has well and truly surpassed its US$15,000 goal with a total of over $89,000 raised so far. Contributions start at $30, which will entitle you to one Bug-A-Salt, and range up to a $2,500 “Arms Dealer” tier that secures you an arsenal of 144 Bug-A-Salts.

The Bug-A-Salt can be seen in action in Maggiore’s indigogo video pitch video below.

Sources: Bug-A-Salt & indiegogo via reddit

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Where can you buy lemon or orange oil ?


Shouldn't that be "Salt-A-Bug"?

Just sayin'....

Larry Hooten

Anyone else notice he has "cock gun" and "fapp" written on the blackboard?


When I was younger I would have totally shot my sister with that. Now the only thing I could see using it for is some bad a$$ food seasoning, Want some salt on that steak? ... No problem. Oh and I'd shoot bugs with it.


Yet another American entrepreneur who feels they have to go all the way to China to develop a cool new product. So sad.

Alan Mudd

Hmmm. Saline mister might also work.


I'd also like to note that lemon oil or orange oil in a spray will kill any insect almost instantly.


How much potential is the risk of eye damage? A small chance of cornea scratches or leaking of eye fluid? Still, I like the concept--no more dangerous than many other things. And automate it with several guns and a computer vision system which can recognize large beings and not fire when they are in line of site and you have a nice bug free zone.

Snake Oil Baron

Can't shoot bugs outside in the garden....salt bad for plants.

Can't shoot in the house without pissing off wife and have to vacuum all that salt later.

...but hey I'd buy one anyway.

When is the gatling gun version coming out?


Not smart with people not used to guns, which is most of them. People are going to shoot salt into other peoples eyes across the table by accident. The easiest way to catch a fly is to come at it from 2 directions at the same time, you get em easy.

The Hoff

i think the idea larry is that it sounds like 'bug assault' ...bug a salt... kind of neat ae :) :)


Alan, have you ever tried to produce something like this in the US? You can't hit the price point that consumers would demand it for.

Fred Bastiat

There should be a little gizmo that tosses a pinch of salt over your shoulder with every shot. Wonder if it would work on New York cockroaches? It would have to have a big air reservoir to be fully automatic. Hang it by the door so you're ready to do battle as you come in and flip on the lights - they scatter fast.


wiarus200, www.orangemate.com works great, smells good, their laundry detergent leaves clothes soft with no use of fabric softener, and yes I am their customer not an employee

Bill Bennett

Much like a Bugatti Veyron...this is serious overkill. Which is why I must have one of each. :-)


Will users of this get arrested for "Battery and asSalt"?


it's much more satisfying to take out the bug with an air soft pistol (spring action), also more challenging. Though unless you have the right walls, it will give them little golf ball dimples. I usually reserve this for a bug i don't want to touch like spiders.

Also, flyswatters.

I might buy this to season food or shoot people exclusively, make me a concealable pistol version please, because all that plastic is rediculous. I can already see it floating in the ocean.


Citrus 2, Pure Citrus and Citrus Magic are already in spray form wiarus2000.

They all work great for occasional insect killing. They are quite expensive for primary insect killing tho. I'd imagine a better formula could be created which would deliver the same amount of killing power with less oil and thus making it cheaper to buy.

Mark Keller

Fantastic!!!! I like it

Terry Penrose

Those who watch the CW series "Supernatural" can think of another use for a salt-firing weapon.....


Pass the Asalt and pepper spray, please.

Don Bill
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