Bed Fan helps keep you cool beneath the sheets


June 25, 2012

The Bed Fan blows cooling air beneath the sheets of its user's bed

The Bed Fan blows cooling air beneath the sheets of its user's bed

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A lot of people will run their air conditioner or a room fan if they don’t want to get too hot in bed, but also don’t wish to sleep with no covers at all. If the overheating problem is due to body heat trapped under the covers, however, why not just run a fan in the bed? That’s the idea behind the Bed Fan.

The Bed Fan device actually incorporates two fans in its base, which sits on the floor at the foot or side of the bed, drawing air from under the bed – so make sure all the dust bunnies are swept up first. In the case of beds that sit flush against the floor, the base can be swiveled 180 degrees to point outwards.

That sucked-up air is blown up through the adjustable-height, um ... tower(?), and then channeled out horizontally to end up under the sheets. An included backlit wireless remote can be kept beside the bed, allowing users to increase or decrease the fan’s output as needed.

Hot sleepers can get the Bed Fan for US$99.99, from Brookstone. A similar product, the much differently-named Bedfan, sells for $79.95.

Source: Brookstone via OhGizmo

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Deparatley needed, but why not simply duct air into the mattress, hot or cold. Now theres an idea for free thats worth a mil.


Or just use lighter sheets? In really hot climes it might be good instead of running AC saving money.

Another is a stretched open mesh or cloth bed so air comes from below instead of a hot matress,


This is just the thing for people who have Memory Foam mattresses. These mattresses tend to heat up rather quickly and not dissipate the heat as well as traditional mattresses. I'll be looking into one of these.


I have a ceiling fan in the bedroom,which I have set to reverse,so the air is sucked into the fan,and circulates down the walls,and feels like a natural breeze,and I sleep WITHOUT the sheets on me,and am quite comfortable.


Living in the tropics with very expensive electricity, I found this unit to be bring affordable comfort.

Dave Bucher
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