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BrewDog's 55% ABV beer: the strongest and most expensive beer in history


July 22, 2010

The remarkable progress of the record in the last 16 months.

The remarkable progress of the record in the last 16 months.

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Scottish brewery BrewDog has reclaimed the world record for the strongest beer in history with a 55% alcohol beer which it has named “The End of History.” Only 11 bottles will be available, and each bottle will come inside a stuffed animal – seven Stoats will be available at GBP500 and four grey squirrels at GBP700, making it also the most expensive beer in history.

The challenge is now squarely in front of BrewDog’s great rival, three time holder of the record for the world’s strongest beer, Georg Tscheuschner of Schorschbräu brewery in Northern Bavaria.

This 55% beer is so strong that it is pushing the limits of what can be achieved in terms of alcohol content without ruining the taste – the new beer pushes the alcohol limit out by a further 25% over the previous record holder and the record is now more than double the alcoholic percentage of the world’s strongest beer just 16 months ago.

The beer’s name “The End of History” derives from philosopher Francis Fukuyama’s book "The End of History and the Last Man", in which he postulates that democracy and political and economic liberalism will triumph and democracy will be the end point of political evolution.

BrewDog’s obvious claim is that no-one is going to beat their beer because it’s the final statement and cannot be beaten – we think Fukuyama was a lot safer in making his claim than the boys at Brewdog are.

Schorschbräu's Georg Tscheuschner responded to the news saying, "this is a great challenge, but it's not over yet."

Regardless, it also seems to be a withdrawal from the battle, as BrewDog’s blog states, “The End of History”, at 55%, is the final instalment of our efforts to redefine the limits of contemporary brewing.”

“The End of History” began life as a blond Belgian ale and was subsequently freeze distilled many times, infused with nettles from the Scottish Highlands and Fresh juniper berries and ... then put in a bottle created by a taxidermist. To understand just where the Gray Squirrels and Mr Stoat fit into the picture (we’re still trying to figure it out), check out BrewDog’s latest video.

Our extensive article on the history of beer and the battle between Schorschbräu and BrewDog can be found here.

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The fact that you need to stuff an animal to bring across your product message seems necessary to attract attention in an overstimulated world, is a sad one.

But then, how many millions of animals are killed by cars just for the sake we're too lazy to walk down to the supermarket to buy pieces of more millions of animals killed for the sake of our pleasure in the same overstimulated world.

Bas Klein Bog

Thanks to a non existent diety and a cult called Alcoholica Anonymous - I am not sober today.

I am sober because I grew a brain and made myself learn how to use it.

55% alcohol beer?

Buy 8 liters of ethyl aclohol. Add 2 liters of a mash of hops, malt etc.... shake well, leave to stand for a week. Bottle, glue on brown paper bag for label, call it \"Beer for the Imbecil\" and then sell each 1 liter bottle of 80% alcohol, for say ummmmmm each bottle is worth say $30 to make each - so mark that up to $500,000 per bottle.

Declare yourself a record holder for 80% alcohol beer, and the most expensive beer...

Make lots of press releases........................

And life goes on.

Mr Stiffy

I tip my hat to the marketing genius who thought up the dead animal bottle idea. It\'s in a number of major daily papers in the UK, Australia, and the US, and on the BBC website.


Seriously? Strong alcohol content, I\'m great with. But how do you really feel making out with a dead squirrel when you drink this beer? Something\'s not right here!

Sara Huting

Why is this in Gizmag?

Kevin Magill

I think it\'s relevant to mention that the world record beers after the Sam Adams Utopias are freeze-distilled... I think that should be a different category of the record.

I could put a half-rack of PBR in my freezer and freeze-distill it to 70% if I was persistent enough.

Not to say it doesn\'t take skill to do this and make it still TASTE good... but it seems like more of an achievement of technology and less of a mastery of a art form.

Nick Foley

OK 11 bottles is enough for me. What are the rest of us going to drink? the message returning from space will state: \"Send more beer\" : )


Yes I cannot help think that this is no longer a beer. Beer isn't distilled it is brewed. The technical challenge there is to develop a strain of yeast which can survive higher alcohol levels. Anyone can distil a stronger alcohol content - usually they just call it rum or whiskey.

Ian McIntosh
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