BOXX electric scooter looks sort of like a rideable suitcase


January 31, 2012

The top view of the BOXX spotlights its "ergonomic design" (Photo: BOXX)

The top view of the BOXX spotlights its "ergonomic design" (Photo: BOXX)

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If you've ever found yourself rolling your suitcase through the airport and wishing your luggage was self-propelled, Portland, Oregon-based BOXX has something they'd like to sell you. The company's first production electric scooter is just about a meter (39 inches) long and looks like an odd sort of cross between a piece of retro luggage and a giant-sized camera. It promises to move you up to 80 miles (129 km) on a single charge at a top speed of 35 mph (56 km/h) and comes with a price tag starting just under US$4,000.

The cost seems likely to turn off all but a certain type of customer, but nobody ever said being part of the eco-hip elite was cheap. If you want to have that 80-mile range you'll actually need to upgrade by plunking down an extra $500 for a "Core2" system, which is essentially an extra battery pack.

The basic unit fully charges in about four hours, but another upgrade is offered for $349 that gets you a 1-hour charger.

If you're really tight on cash but absolutely plan to be riding this strange contraption around by 2014, you can order now for that future production run and save $255 on the total cost of the bike.

The BOXX was introduced last week at the Portland International Auto Show and is the design of BOXX founder Eric Vaughn, who started his career in television, eventually working as a visual designer for the series Stargate and earning Emmy nominations before returning to his native Oregon where he eventually wound up in the world of vehicle start-ups.

If the BOXX looks a bit dorky, Vaughn says it's meant to be that way, although he uses the word "non-intimidating." The idea is to attract a wider array of riders, including women and seniors.

A few other interesting aspects of the BOXX - Vaughn claims it's the world's first all-wheel-drive two wheel vehicle, there's storage space for a few grocery bags, and with no gas or oil, it's light and clean enough to store inside a small apartment.

If you're sold, Vaughn says he's ready to sell one to you. BOXX is now taking orders on its website.

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Neat idea !!!

Sorry Eric, you still need mirrors (unless it is exempted . . . )


Um, I don\'t get it. You can drive it through an airport but there is also room for grocery bags? Would you actually drive this on the street?

Vincent Laroza

@Vincent: No, the \"airport\" paragraphs is just there for fun; the author, Erick Mack, is simply comparing the boxy scooter to a piece of luggage.

The scooter itself is a scooter; meant to be driven on the road.


Honda made something like this a while back.

Wesley van Hek

Definitely some kind of retro-futuristic look going on with this scooter.

I imagine mirrors could be added to the end of the handlebars, but what I am trying to figure out is the turning radius. With motorcycles, you turn the front wheel at lower speeds and lean the bike to turn at higher speeds. With this rectangular boxy design, it does not look like there is enough room to turn the front wheel unless the picture is deceptive and it actually has more space on the inside of the frame than it appears.


The addition of mirrors should be no big problem. Any vehicle that will go 45 miles per hour will likely be the licensing in all states.

Robert Fox
They have been doing this for yrs. I want to see someone actually ride such a short wheelbase 2wh on real roads. I\'m building somehing similar based an a Rad-to-Go EV scooter as I need a high speed wheelchair that can fit in my 3wh subcar EV. In Fla it\'s not legal as no pedal for a moped and can\'t go 45mph for a MC and likely other things like the headlight has to be 24\" high, etc. The concept is a winner especially in towns and getting to, from mass transit. Just they should cost under $1500 at most. jerryd

Damn....this thing is some kinda UGLY...What\'s with that??

Janet Bratter

Vaporeware or it won\'t sell.

Dawar Saify

Some ideas just will not die, they become collectables, like the gas powered pogo stick, not sarcasm, I like the gas powered pogo stick. I love the video about the Motocopo above.

The above were mass produced items, this article brings to mind a one-of-a-kind suitcase that opened up into an operating go-cart circa 1950\'s ~ 1960\'s.

Dave B13

How you can steer this thing?

Ariel Drach
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