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BOSS unveils eBand Audio Player for guitarists


December 3, 2009

The BOSS eBand is designed for guitarists who play and practice at home

The BOSS eBand is designed for guitarists who play and practice at home

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For the budding guitarist one of the best ways to learn music is to play along with familiar tunes, and for more experienced axemeisters, the ability to build songs using loops and backing tracks is an important writing tool. The BOSS eBand JS-8 Audio Player is a versatile solution that suits both scenarios. Designed for guitarists who play and practice at home, the portable eBand has a built-in speaker stereo system and offers preset guitar sounds and effects, functions to change tempo and pitch and the ability to record sessions.

eBand is marketed for guitarists who want to learn songs, solos and riffs, practice new songs outside of band practice, or create new songs while jamming with audio tracks. If a user prefers to play along to a song from their own music collection, it can be loaded onto the audio player via USB memory stick or a SDHC memory card up to 32GB. eBand also has the ability to import songs from any audio CD using the included utility software.

The audio player allows the user to mix things up and create new sounds. It features COSM preamp technology, which works by using multiple modeling methods to accurately emulate the existing sound, and guitar effects derived from the BOSS GT-10 pedal. Pre-recorded vocals or guitar parts can be minimized and there's 300 audio-loop phrases onboard for backing tracks and rhythms.

To help keep guitarists on time and in key, tuner and metronome functions are built in. eBand also has a record function which is capable of saving an entire performance. After all, jamming alone wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t show off your creations to your band.

More details on the product page.

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