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Bosch VeroBar AromaPro detects beans for best aroma


August 29, 2012

Bosch's VeroBar AromaPro coffee maker

Bosch's VeroBar AromaPro coffee maker

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It’s a no-brainer to say that we all like the foods and drinks we consume to smell appetizing. In the case of coffee, however, its scent is pretty much as important as its flavor. This is a fact that is obviously recognized by the engineers at Bosch. The company’s new VeroBar AromaPro coffee maker – which will be unveiled at the upcoming IFA 2012 electronics show – adjusts automatically to the type of bean used, in order to optimize the coffee's aroma.

The AromaPro incorporates a sensor known as the CoffeeSensor Pro. Bosch hasn’t stated what kind of sensor it is, but whatever it is, it’s able to differentiate between different types of coffee beans. Based on this information, the “ideal amount” of beans for optimum aroma are dispensed into the grinder.

Using its SilentCeram ceramic drive (every part of this coffee machine has its own name, by the way), that grinder then grinds the beans extra-fine, in order to release that aroma as fully as possible. The AromaPro’s SensoFlow system subsequently maintains a brewing temperature between 90 and 95ºC (194 and 203ºF) – this is apparently the range required for espresso with a full aroma.

The AromaPro can store up to six user profiles

Like the existing model of the VeroBar, the AromaPro also features the PersonalCoffee Pro function. This allows up to six users to save their preferences for coffee strength, which they can later access for a custom-brewed cup-a-joe done just the way they like ... or at least, pretty close to the way they like. The AromaPro has eight strength settings to choose from, which is three more than are offered by the regular VeroBar.

The machine’s SinglePortion Cleaning system clears the pipes of any remaining water after each serving, and – let’s get one more name in there – its CreamCleaner system cleans out the milk system at the touch of a button.

Roland Sommerkamp, Bosch's Head of Consumer Products, told us that the VeroBar AromaPro is due to be released in September, at a price of approximately €1,100 (US$1,377).

Source: Bosch

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