Bookworm wrap-around chair beckons bibliophiles


November 24, 2012

The Bookworm is a chair that surrounds the reader with their library, literally

The Bookworm is a chair that surrounds the reader with their library, literally

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The design of both chairs and bookcases generally follow a certain pattern. Chairs need to accommodate the user, support their weight, and provide a certain level of comfort. Bookcases need to have plenty of room for books, which usually sit upright and facing outwards. In order to combine the two, some of these conventions have to be played with ever so slightly. The Bookworm does just that.

The Bookworm from Dutch design firm Atelier 010 is a single piece of furniture that combines a chair and bookcase in one. But it does so in a truly unconventional way, wrapping the curved bookcase around into something akin to the shape of a heart. The chair is provided by the lowest curve, with the books literally surrounding the seated person. The final touch is a simple light fitting hanging down from the upper portion, providing the reader with a direct, overhead light source.

OK so it doesn't look to be the most comfortable of chairs, and its curved design means it's not the most ergonomic of bookcases either. But such criticism misses the point for this piece of furniture that not only serves a dual purpose but also adds a certain artistic aesthetic to any room that houses it.

The Bookworm is self-supporting thanks to the stainless steel leg attached to one side. The structure is comprised of three separate parts which are pieced together on-site. The curved elements are made possible by a combination of thin sheets of MDF and flexible plywood, which are painted on the outside to add an eye-catching touch of color to the overall effect.

The Bookworm is available to buy, and produced to order, with the buyer able to choose from a number of different colors. The price is only revealed on request, with serious buyers asked to email Atelier 010 for further details.

Source: Atelier 010 via Contemporist

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Looks really comfortable, not.


Comfort first. Cuteness later.


Eye catching and really elegant addition of furniture which can be used as both chairs and also bookcases.We need to decorate our room by selecting such creative and also unique furniture pieces which can set in small space also.Now a days multifunctional furniture pieces are in great demand due to its looks and space saving quality.

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