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Boogio tells users everything they could want to know about their feet


July 24, 2014

Boogio is designed to track a user's feet

Boogio is designed to track a user's feet

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It seems like every day a new piece of wearable technology hits the market with the intention of revolutionizing the way we keep track of our fitness. Now, a product called Boogio is coming to market with a focus is on tracking the movement and force of a user's feet.

Basically, Boogio is two devices that are placed in each of the user's shoes. These are able to detect the force being placed on a user's foot, and send that information out to a mobile device. The portion that goes in the shoe will be paper-thin, which should mean the user will not feel it. A Bluetooth module is also attached to the side of the shoe, for the transmission of data.

In all, REFLEX Labs, the team behind Boogio, promises 60,000 layers of pressure sensitivity, allowing the devices to feel even small 3D movements in real time.

One possible application of the technology is gaming, with the devices able to pair with the Oculus Rift to detect movement in 3D space and translate that into a virtual world. The same applies to fitness, where it can be gamified to keep users motivated. The devices could also be used in the medical world, providing feedback on recovery from injuries. Feedback on running and other athletic activities can also be provided. The team even cites using a simple lean to the left or right to control a slideshow.

Currently, REFLEX Labs is taking pre-orders for Boogio at a price of US$189. It's a beta release, so it's not the final product, but it's much closer than the $2,000 alpha it sold to developers previously. The $189 includes two beta boards with shoe clips, two shoe inserts, two chargers, and shipping. For people who decide to order, the team plans to ship the devices by the end of 2014.

The video below provides a brief introduction to Boogio.

Source: REFLEX Labs

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Will it tell you that your feet smell?

Bob Flint

Bob, I was thinking the same thing. Will it send a message to ones smartphone indicating that ones feet smell and one should invest in order eaters?


need this to integrate with the FitBit

Matthew Bailey

Does it help those to correct flat feet and other feet problems.

Will it help with biofeedback showing weight distribution of feet and the change helping them to adjust the distribution to correct flat feet?

Claudia Perez
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