Jot eWriter joins Boogie Board lineup


June 27, 2012

The Jot is the latest addition to Improv Electronics' Boogie Board line of eWriters

The Jot is the latest addition to Improv Electronics' Boogie Board line of eWriters

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eWriter maker Improv Electronics has unveiled the latest addition to its Boogie Board LCD eWriter lineup. Like the Boogie Board Rip released last year, the new Boogie Board Jot boasts a Reflex LCD writing surface that doesn’t draw any power to write on and retain an image but, unlike that model, doesn’t pack any onboard storage for your digital doodles.

The Jot also differs from previous no-memory Boogie Board units with the addition of a erase lock switch on the side, a new “metallic-look” front, soft-touch rear for better gripping surfaces such as a desk, and magnets integrated into the rear so the unit can be mounted on a fridge or file cabinet.

Like the E Ink displays used in Amazon's Kindle eReaders, the Jot's 8.5-inch Reflex LCD display relies on reflected light so can't be viewed in the dark. The display only draws power when erasing and the Jot’s removable coin battery should be good for 50,000 erases.

Improv Electronics has also introduced a new tapered stylus for the Jot, which doubles as a stand for horizontal viewing when slotted into the hole on the top left of the device.

The Boogie Board Jot eWriter will be available this September for US$39.99.

Source: Improv Electronics

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Wow. What I wouldn't have given to have one of these when I was at school ... oh wait, I did have one. It was called a slate. Washed clean with water.

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