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Nissan to auction one-of-a-kind Bolt Gold GT-R for charity


November 19, 2012

Usain Bolt's custom Bolt Gold GT-R will be auctioned off for his charity

Usain Bolt's custom Bolt Gold GT-R will be auctioned off for his charity

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Nissan is dropping a special edition, one of a kind GT-R themed after Olympic superstar Usain Bolt. This limited edition Nissan GT-R is going up for a special charity auction starting on November 22. All the proceeds from the auction go to Usain Bolt's charity, aptly named the Usain Bolt Foundation, which helps children in Bolt's native Jamaica.

The GT-R will be a 2013 model year version of the car painted in Usain Bolt's special edition gold. Why gold? Because Bolt had more gold around his neck than he can possibly know what to do with. An ultra fast track star and high performance sports car seems like a perfect match.

Besides the custom paint job, the internals of the Bolt Gold GT-R will be the same as the standard model. Still, the winner of the auction will be the only person driving this custom car around, and the proceeds (which will likely be quite high) go to a good cause.

The auction is scheduled to run from November 22 through December 2 on eBay Motors. The winner will also receive a special gold plate embossed with Usain Bolt's signature. Nissan will tweak the car to make it street legal for country of the winner. Nissan expects to deliver it in March 2013.

Source: Nissan

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