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Boeing's 777 Freighter graduates from paint facility


May 21, 2008

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 Photo Credit: The Boeing Company

Click image to enlarge Photo Credit: The Boeing Company

May 20, 2008 The first Boeing 777 Freighter plane has left the paint facility in Everett, Washington, marking another step towards the scheduled launch of the plane into service late this year. The 777 Freighter is an all-cargo version of the 777-200LR Worldliner, which made Gizmag headlines in 2005 when it set the world long distance record.

The 777 Freighter will fly farther and provide more capacity than any other twin-engine cargo airplane. It will have a maximum takeoff weight of 347,450kg, a revenue payload capability of 103 metric tons, and will accommodate 27 standard pallets on the main deck. The lower cargo hold has the capacity to hold 10 pallets, as well as 17 cubic meters of additional bulk cargo.

The plane will be capable of flying 9,045km with a full payload and general cargo market densities, and will be powered by General Electric's GE90-110B1, the most powerful commercial jet engine.

Boeing will debut the 777 Freighter on May 21, at the Everett factory.

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