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Boeing’s flight simulator display gets ultra high-res upgrade


December 3, 2012

Boeing's CRVS with JVC's e-Shift technology provides a more immersive experience for pilots (Photo: Boeing)

Boeing's CRVS with JVC's e-Shift technology provides a more immersive experience for pilots (Photo: Boeing)

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Three years after first displaying its Constant Resolution Visual System (CRVS) at the 2009 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in Orlando, Boeing has chosen the 2012 conference to unveil an upgrade. With the addition of JVC’s new e-Shift 8K projection technology, the visual display that surrounds the pilot and cockpit in an eggshell-like environment delivers an “out-the-window” view at a resolution almost four times that of high definition.

In an effort to keep costs down, Boeing designed the CRVS to provide an uninterrupted field of view using fewer projectors than other systems. It also made the system compatible with a variety of commercial-off-the-shelf projectors and a wide array of image generators.

With the use of JVC’s e-Shift technology, which essentially uses a special algorithm to generate subpixels to fill the black spaces between pixels, the projector resolution and density is nearly doubled both horizontally and vertically, providing an image of nearly 8K resolution from a 4K projector.

"CRVS previously provided the highest-resolution, lowest-cost solution on the market," said Barry Kuhlmann, Visual Systems engineering manager at Boeing. "Now, with JVC e-Shift 8K projectors, CRVS has taken another leap forward in visual performance and fidelity to better prepare military pilots by allowing them to train in a more realistic yet safe environment."

Boeing says the extra resolution provided by the e-Shift technology delivers an extra level of immersion that enhances the training experience and lets pilots identify virtual targets at real-world ranges.

The JVC e-Shift 8K projectors can also be fitted to existing systems without any modifications to the screens or structure. Boeing adds that the CRVS is compatible with a wide variety of fast jet and rotary-wing cockpits, aviator night vision goggles and current and future head-mounted displays.

Source: Boeing

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"Almost four times that of high definition." 8K is 4 times the total resolution of 4K, which is 4 times 1080P (high definition). So 8K is 16x HD. Am I missing something here?


Looks good from that pilot seat. I want one at home.

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