BodyGuard stun-device to help mere mortal crime fighters


June 2, 2011

The BodyGuard is a hands-free stun device that could soon be on the arms of police

The BodyGuard is a hands-free stun device that could soon be on the arms of police

Crime fighters may soon be adding another tool to their arsenal - one that is literally designed to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers. With an integrated taser, video camera and protective forearm armor, the BodyGuard is a stun device that wouldn't be out of place on the forearm of a certain caped crusader in Gotham City. BodyGuard has already been used in Mock Prison Riots in West Virginia and is headed to real world city streets with testing and evaluation of the device due to commence in Los Angeles later this year.

Prompted by a number of cougar attacks on one of his favorite hiking trails in Orange County, Dave Brown set about developing a device to protect himself from animal attacks that could be worn while riding a bike. He hit upon the idea of a hands-free stun device and quickly recognized the potential for such a non-lethal device in the area of law enforcement.

The result is the BodyGuard, which houses its various components under a high-impact plastic shell attached to a forearm sleeve and glove. The current BodyGuard 9X1-HD01 prototype features two taser spikes mounted near the wrist that are designed primarily to act as a deterrent by sparking loudly and sending an arc of electricity between them to intimidate suspects. The spikes are activated by pulling a safety pin and pressing a button embedded into the palm of the BodyGuard glove.

An LED flashlight and a green laser target that lets the suspect know they are being recorded by the BodyGuard's 720p HD video camera are also designed to help keep any confrontations from escalating. But if things do get out of hand, the wearer can deliver a non-lethal jolt of electricity to temporarily incapacitate the suspect by touching them with the wrist-mounted electrodes.

Brown has also designed the BodyGuard to be modular to allow for the addition of a other equipment, such as GPS, radio communications, live video transmitter/receiver, biometric readers, automated license plate readers, chemical sensors, or a heart rate monitor to send out an alert for an officer in distress.

The device might share its name with a well-known movie, but the links to star Kevin Costner don't end there. Through his background as a motion picture operator, Brown has been able to enlist the support of Costner, who he counts as a friend and is one of the backers of Brown's company, ArmStar.

While the first pre-production run of BodyGuards are set to undergo evaluation with the Los Angeles sheriff's department later this year, Brown says the device has also attracted the attention of the Department of Defense, which is looking at how the BodyGuard could be used by soldiers in the field. Brown might also want to consider the burgeoning real-life superhero market.

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Here\'s something to modernise our Police Force

Marcel Noë

wow robocop lives .. i need one of these

Seamus Obradaigh

More police brutality gadgets, those monkeys only can make such things. Why cant they make the stuff people need and give it by free.


Self-gratification is fearsomely dangerous but nonetheless standard - guess they know their market hu!

David Tobin

Disciplining children just got a whole new twist...

Mike Barnett

This device may be very useful for protection but may also be deadly in the wrong arm!

Leong Hee Chan

Storm Trooper!

Justin Scheller

Someday we\'ll have a real-life Batman thanks to Gizmag\'s research and one brave reader....


«Intimidat[ing] suspects» - whatever happened to such quaint concepts as civil liberties ? Do people in the US really want the police to wear body armour with an electroshock function ?...



Everything that is developed for police forces or the armed forces will before long will end up on the street in the hands of the bad guys.


First, tasers kill 8% of the time. Second, the purpose of a taser was to replace lethal force but only as a LAST resort like lethal force. In practice, more people are being killed by LEOs now than before because their use has become routine, even excessive by some.

Henri: The U.S. is a police state. Any contact with an armed agent, fed or state, could be lethal. Your relatives can sue and get compensation (or not) but that does not solve the problem. The agent does not suffer. \"I was only \'doing my job\', \'following orders\', ect.\" is now considered a legal defense for immoral force. While you were making a living, creeping socialism along with its helper, authoritarianism, became the norm.


They should go one step further and make it a Captain America-style shield. After all, prison riot gear already includes striking shields which can also protect against thrown objects. Why not include the equipment above in the shield? The bad 1979 TV-movie actually had a clear plastic disc-shaped shield for Cap.


Gee... here\'s a thought: maybe you should stay out of a situation where tasers might be present/involved????? \"Civil Liberties\" go out the window when you act rowdy or unreasonable against the law. Ugh! The cop that pulled me over was SUCH a douche! I mean yeah I was doing 74mph in a 60. And it was cool that he let me go. But MAN, Cops are all jerks! POLICE STATE, POLICE STATE!!! I\'m all for this device. Just the SOUND of a taser on television is enough to make me cringe. If I see one or two of those on either arm I can promise that I\'ll have enough brain power to stop whatever I\'m doing. Anything can kill 8% of the time. A single punch can kill as well. But I promise that a gun can do even more damage than a taser. Strike an artery and that person has pretty much just signed off for good. Here\'s a question: what if a person broke into your house or school and start randomly firing? Would you want a taser? A gun? Or a good talkin\' to towards the suspect?


8% fatality rate? Why research when you can just make up BS! It\'s closer to 0.25%... And in those instances cocaine / hitting your head on the way down / multiple injuries are far more likely to be the cause!

Simon Barker
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