Video Road Test: BMW's intimidating S1000R streetfighter


August 21, 2014

Gizmag puts the BMW S1000R through its paces in our video review (Photo: Chris Blain)

Gizmag puts the BMW S1000R through its paces in our video review (Photo: Chris Blain)

After giving the rundown on BMW's latest, greatest super-naked motorcycle, the S1000R, in our write-up a couple of days ago, it's time to sing the praises of the brother to BMW's S1000RR superbike with our video review.

For the full review check out the written story and accompanying photo gallery of the BMW S1000R.

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I completely agree about the cruise control. I use a $10 throttle rocker that lets me ungrip the bar here and there but I slow down the minute I take my hand off the bar. If any motorcycle needs cruise control its probably sport bikes.


Dear Loz, What a great review! It's the best review I've ever watched. You managed to communicate your actual feelings on the bike with the passion that only fellow bikers can understand. I had to sell my beloved 70,000mile BMW K1200S last year and am in the market for a new BMW. I'm certainly going to try this out now, whereas before, I wouldn't have considered the S1000R. Thanks!

The Master

I really dig BMW bikes. I don't care much about their cars, but those bikes are a notch beyond most of the competition.

I found out that BMW had to design that straight engine because so many knuckle heads didn't understand the boxer. They just wanted what they were used to with Japanese bikes, horsepower. Torque is where it's at with a boxer. I still like the charm, and efficiency of the boxer, as well as its ankle protection and delicious torque. Great bikes overall. Wish they would put the same refinements into their cars.

Nicolas Zart

Genius review! I'm not a motor cyclist but I enjoy these reviews - well done.

Kiwi Jono

Dear All,

this can be sure considered a good technical review, I agree with the audience, but it is not enough to make it professional and the original brand prove it by using different style in the educational approach. I strongly disagree on the way you did it because you kept a lot of inadvisable behaviours inside the video, starting from the way you bring your helmet and the way you drive as well, without any advice to the audience. It is not educational, it is just an idiotic show of power with no sense, I'm sorry. For a better experience of learning about the S1000R motorbike, have a look at

Michele Romeo
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