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BMW rolls out 2012 bike collection


April 9, 2012

BMW's 2012 Mountainbike Enduro boasts the most changes from the 2011 model

BMW's 2012 Mountainbike Enduro boasts the most changes from the 2011 model

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BMW has rolled out its 2012 line of bikes. With a new component here and a new paint job there, the collection provides largely cosmetic differences to last year’s models with the Mountainbike Enduro appearing to have received the most attention.

The 2012 Mountainbike Enduro gets a new Crank Brothers wheelset delivering better stiffness and downhill performance, and the Fox 32 O/B trail fork has a travel of 140 mm (5.5 in), compared to the 150 mm (5.9 in) travel of the 2011 model’s Fox Talas 32 RL air-spring fork. Although looking similar, BMW says the new bike also boasts an “improved frame” but manages to retain the same 14.8 kg (32.6 lb) weight as the previous model. The most obvious change is the bike’s paint job, now metallic black offset by bright green on the saddle and parts of the spokes.

Other changes to the line include the Touring Bike’s Suntour NCX-D-26’’ suspension fork with 75 mm (2.9 in) of travel, the Fox Float RP2 BV boost valve remote shocks on the Mountainbike Cross Country, and new color combinations and a combined radial and crossed spoke pattern on the Cruise Bike providing extra stability and eye-catching looks.

BMW’s 2012 bike line is rounded out by the BMW M Carbon Racer and the Kidsbike – both of which appear unchanged from last year. The 2012 BMW Cruise Bike retails for €899 (US$1,179), the Touring Bike sells for €1,299 (US$1,704), the Mountainbike Cross Country for €2,999 (US$3,933), the Mountainbike Enduro for €3,399 (US$4,458), the M Carbon Racer for €2,750 (US$3,606), and the Kidsbike for €259 (US$340).

All are available through select BMW dealers and the company's online shop.

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Cosmetic changes and it gets an article in gizmag? And I'd rather buy a bike from a company that has been making bikes.

The Hoff

So you get a frame made by a 3rd party in Taiwan & select a bunch of parts from other suppliers, whack your logo & an extra couple of thou on? Lame. There is nothing new here.


Why does BMW keep "making" bikes? Who's buying them? I've never seen anybody ride one in any bike related event/show/magazine. The design here is basically a copy of the 2006 Specialized Enduro (http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBCProduct.jsp?arc=2006&sid=06Enduro) with a fancy interpretation of the main triangle in carbon. There's no originality even in the name..."mountainbike enduro"...seriously? I dare say that even "ultimate mountainbike posing machine" would be a better name...and this comes from owning two bimmers in the past.


Apparently, they can't ship it to Norway, Spain, Switzerland, or outside of Europe.

Sambath Pech
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