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BMW and Husqvarna electric motorcycle concepts


September 3, 2011

BMW and Husqvarna to show electric motorcycle concepts in Frankfurt

BMW and Husqvarna to show electric motorcycle concepts in Frankfurt

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Two of the more intriguing concepts planned for the world's largest motor show (IAA) in Frankfurt a fortnight from now will come from BMW Motorrad and sister brand Husqvarna.

Almost nothing about the concepts has been disclosed other than their existence and a few cryptic words in a press release which mention an e-mobility BMW Motorrad design study and "a new idea for individual single track mobility" from Husqvarna.

The line that really caught my eye though was "the visionary, extraordinary design concept by Husqvarna Motorcycles targets specifically young customers seeking a single track commuter vehicle outside of the scooter segment."

Two sketches were among the press kit - one of what looks to be an electric motard from Husqvarna, the other of an electric maxi-scooter from BMW Motorrad.

That's all we know until the press conference on September 13 when the two design concepts will be presented to the media.


suprising new concepts - and suprisingly, the prototypes will be on display at the automobils show in Frankfirt - way ahead of the EICMA motorcycle show in Milano in November.

But anyway, have a look at the BMW electric scooter - it was presented a couple a weeks ago in Munich.

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Alex Rider

The way Germany is rolling with their widespread solar rooftop infrastructure, it makes you wonder whether the battery is the quick swap type?

This accomplishes 6 (and possibly more) things

1- Extends the range 2-Makes the fuel cost come close to zero for the life of the vehicle (after RIO for solar) by utilizing the free energy from the sun 3-Of course, cleaner air. Noise pollution is also eliminated. 4-Allows one battery to charge (via solar) while the other is being used. 5-Will certainly be more efficient that a gas combustion motor. Electricity going direct to the drive without the heat losses in a combustion engine. Should also result in a \"cooler\" temperature for the driver. 6-Allows for a foldable collapsible solar charger that can fit in a saddlebag. It would work for a \"sun jump\" in an emergency.

What is the cost?? Are they cooperating with the many current electric bike manufacturers to use a universal voltage? Is a visual ride on this bike availble on U Tube?


I\'m adapting my 50cc no-name Chinese (Shaghai) motorscooter, building a frame with windscreen and removable sun/rain cover to come next. Plans call for a solar panel attached to a 12volt battery and inverter for laptop and other peripheral uses.

Also in the works (probably for a more powerful engine than my current \"Ms. Mighty Mouse\"©2011 JBProductions has) will be a one wheeled light weight trailer that will house a small, fold out multi-flex bed and luggage compartment.

Seeking investors. rsvp

Janet Bratter
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