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BMW's 2011 bicycle range includes M division designed Carbon Racer


March 13, 2011

The M division-designed BMW M Bike Carbon Racer

The M division-designed BMW M Bike Carbon Racer

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While it might be better known for vehicles of the motorized variety, for over 60 years BMW has also been manufacturing a range of high-end bicycles. The company's new 2011 range provides something for everyone – or at least everyone with a well stocked wallet – with a Cruise Bike, Touring Bike and a couple of mountain bikes. And for the first time BMW has extended its M Series branding to its two-wheeled vehicles, but despite the M standing for Motorsport it's not for a motorbike, but rather the new 2011 BMW M Bike Carbon Racer bicycle.

2011 BMW Cruise Bike

Designed for everyday commuting, the 2011 BMW Cruise Bike features a hydroformed aluminum frame whose welded seams have been polished and smoothed, while the brake and gearshift cables have been integrated into the bike to provide a clean, flowing design. The bike comes with a Suntour NCX-D front suspension fork with 75 mm of travel, cantilever brakes, 24-speed Shimano Alivio derailleur and BMW Original Trekking stem that allows the height and angle of the saddle to be adjusted for comfort. It is available in four sizes: S (41 cm/), M (46 cm), L (51 cm) and XL (55 cm), weighs in at 13.9 kg (30.6 lb) and comes in white, white/blue and green/black.

2011 BMW Touring Bike

BMW says its 2011 Touring Bike is the ideal all-rounder for anyone looking for both maximum comfort and modern design. The bike features an aluminum frame, Suntour NCX-D-LO front suspension fork with 75 mm travel, and the same adjustable angle stem as the aforementioned Cruise Bike. It is also available in the same four sizes as the Cruise Bike but comes in slightly heavier at 16.9 kg (37.2 lb). It comes in "glossy chocolate" with gold accents.

2011 BMW Cross Country & Enduro Mountain Bikes

BMW claims to have brought about the rise of the suspension fork in mountain bikes in the mid 90's when it manufactured the suspension fork of a BMW motorcycle using lightweight materials and attached it to a mountain bike, so it's not surprising to see both new mountain bike models sporting full suspension. The Cross Country's suspension comes courtesy of a Fox 32 FRL air-spring fork with travel of 100 mm and Fox Float RP2 BV air shocks, also with travel of 100 mm. Meanwhile, the Enduro boasts four-bar suspension with a Fox Talas 32 RL air-spring fork with 140 mm of travel, and Fox RP2 BV shocks with travel of 145 mm.

Both feature an aluminum frame, Shimano Deore XT parts, fully hydraulic disk brakes and a specially developed adjustable angle stem to ensure the rider is in the perfect position for the optimum transmission of energy. The Cross Country, which comes in pearl white with a blue rocker arm, is available in M (47 cm), L (52 cm) and XL (55 cm) sizes and weighs in at 12.9 kg (28.4 lb), while the Endure comes in metallic white/green, is available in M (45 cm) and L (50 cm) sizes and weighs 14.8 kg (32.6 lb).

BMW M Bike Carbon Racer

Featuring a carbon frame created in house at BMW's M division that weighs in at just 7.4 kg (16.3 lb), BMW says the M Bike Carbon Racer is a continuation of the BMW M Series lightweight design philosophy on two wheels. The carbon frame is not just light, it is also stiff, absorbs shocks and is corrosion-free. The frame has been given an anthracite carbon look with colored accents on the rims, handlebar grips and saddle inlay in the typical BMW M red color.

Other components include Shimano Ultegra gears, – RD-6700 rear derailleur and FD-6700 front derailleur – fi'zi:k Tundra 2 saddle, and Shimano CS6700 ten-speed cassette sprocket. It will come in 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 cm frame sizes.

No prices for the new 2011 range have been announced but if they're in line with last year's models expect to pay upwards of US$1,000 for the Cruise Bike, more than $1,750 for the Touring Bike and over $4,000 for the mountain bikes. As for the M Bike Carbon Racer I hate to think, but it will be available from June through select BMW dealers and the company's online shop.

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Haha...bikes for posers. For $4K you can get a PROPER mountain bike (carbon fiber if you wish) with much better components (Deore XT are entry level stuff) weighing less than 12 kilos. And you can get it with 29-inch wheels if you are so inclined. Any half-serious rider will laugh at finding someone on a BMW mtb on the trails. BMW is just damaging their name by producing half-assed products like this. Stick to making cars BMW.


I\'ve rode a variety of name brand road and mtn bikes over the past 10-15 years and always seem to favor Trek until two weeks ago when I had the pleasure to borrow a BMW mtn bike! I\'ve was pleasantly surprised with how well it rode, that I am now seriously looking to purchase that bike or buy a different one for myself!

Before you compare the BMW Bike to other bikes, I own several Trek bikes, you have you ride the BMW, it was like driving my BMW car! The ride was inbelievable!!

Cheryle Fox

I don\'t remember seeing BMW bikes at Interbike expo. I was aware of them but they seem a better fit for BMW car owner, a trend that was played by Jeep and Hummer as well.

Wojtek Wysocki

The M Bike Carbon Racer is listed on the BMW web site at EUR2,7500, which is somewhere around GBP2,400 or USD3,800.

Seems quite reasonable when compared to their mountain bike. That said, I'm inclined to think that this is very much a case of selling on a name rather than on overall value for money.

Would I buy one of their cars? Probably yes. Would I buy one of their bikes? Probably not.


Does anyone know where to find these in the U.S?



Does the "M" moniker give your more horse power and cornering prowess compared to the run of the mill bimmer bikes?

As for BMW "inventing the mountain bike suspension", it's a bit of a stretch. That's like saying Mary Shelley (of Frankenstein fame) invented artificial life. Just because you bolted some stuff together in a garage once doesn't make you a pioneer of an industry.

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