BlueAnt T1 Bluetooth headset claims industry-leading noise cancellation


March 23, 2010

BlueAnt's T1 Bluetooth headset with Wind Armour Technology delivers clear audio in winds up to 22 mph

BlueAnt's T1 Bluetooth headset with Wind Armour Technology delivers clear audio in winds up to 22 mph

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BlueAnt Wireless is about to release a Bluetooth headset which promises to deliver clear audio even in winds of up to 22 mph. The T1 headset also benefits from a durable design and protective silicon covers, a text-to-speech engine which announces incoming callers and audio setup guides.

Featuring the company's "Wind Armour Technology", dual microphones and voice isolation technology, BlueAnt Wireless says the T1 Bluetooth headset is "the best wind noise reduction of any Bluetooth headset on the market", giving the user crystal clear audio even when winds are swirling round at 22 mph. Its soft-touch silicon covers and tough exterior also serve to cushion from accidental impact damage and protect from dust and moisture.

Executive Chairman Taisen Maddern said that the T1 was designed with the demanding lifestyles of users in mind: "We realize our customers have busy, active lives and need to connect in all different kinds of environments, be that commuting to work on a busy city street, taking calls on a construction site, or skiing down the back of a mountain."

An included text-to-speech engine can store up to 2,000 phone book entries (per paired device) so when a call is received, the name of the caller will be announced. Users can then decide to take the call by saying "Answer" or reject by saying "Ignore", so leaving the hands free to get on with whatever task is being undertaken. Making a call can also be voice-controlled.

There's integrated set-up and pairing assist too, in the form of BlueAnt's Simply Connect talk-through technology. The T1's Lithium polymer battery should be good for six hours talk time or 120 hours in standby, it can connect to two phones simultaneously and allows for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) streaming from a phone or GPS device.

The T1 Bluetooth headset will be available from May with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$79.99, which includes access to free firmware upgrades.

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