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Low-cost Blooming Bamboo home built to withstand floods


October 1, 2013

The Blooming Bamboo home, by Vietnamese architectural firm H&P Architects (Photo: Doan Thanh Ha)

The Blooming Bamboo home, by Vietnamese architectural firm H&P Architects (Photo: Doan Thanh Ha)

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Vietnamese architectural firm H&P; Architects has produced a new prototype dwelling constructed from bamboo. Dubbed Blooming Bamboo, the house is built to withstand heavy flooding, and is eventually intended to be mass-produced and sold as an affordable and attractive home.

The Blooming Bamboo prototype measures 44 sq m (473 sq ft), is placed on stilts, and is built around a central frame constructed from bamboo. This frame can be further adapted to suit the needs of each owner, using locally-sourced materials which include bamboo, fiberboard, and coconut leaves.

The ground floor features a living room, bedroom, bathroom, WC, and kitchen, while an additional multi-function upper floor is accessible via ladder. An area is set aside for plants and animal breeding, and the home sports both indoor and outdoor terraces.

Blooming Bamboo's facade allows ample natural light and ventilation, and the property also includes rainwater collection facilities with integrated filtration system. Besides a house, the building could also be used as a small community center, medical center, or educational facility.

Blooming Bamboo is rated as able to withstand floods of up to 1.5 m (5 ft) in depth, but work is underway to increase this to 3 m (10 ft).

H&P; Architects reports that Blooming Bamboo can be built by future owners within 25 days, and the homes are expected to be produced at a cost of US$2,500.

Source: H&P; Architects via Arch Daily

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This design is genius and if it's really $2500, I'll take several! Looking at the architects web site, they designed this for a competition and won it in 2008 - that's quite some time for news to reach us Westerners!

Airsoft-World Scotland

How clever and nice!

Amaury Veiga

Looks perfect for our Wisconsin winters since we get so much flooding! Just kidding I bet it is perfect for Vietnam.

Jon Smith

I think this is an elegant way to 'get back to nature' or 'get away from it all'. I think it looks nice. I can also see it being used in a campground where the renters would rought it but not have to sleep on the ground.


I thought I was missing something until I viewed the plans more carefully and saw the 4 embedded steel pillars and reused oil drums. Those are not shown in the model pictures.

I would also perhaps suggest figuring out a way to put the water tank and filtered tank as tall thin back to back cores in the center of the house. That way the fresh water could rise with the house. It would also give it a nice center of gravity.

Otherwise brilliant design. Bangladesh alone would make for a economies of scale market.

Gary Tucker

I am intrigued with the use of natural building materials, and the house looks traditional in design as well as being upgraded for modern living also to cope with the prevailing conditions. I lived in Africa got many years as well as England and love the way houses are different to deal with the local conditions. I do think that England and the west could do a lot more to make use of natural products in a traditional way. getting away from our rigid 'so call' modern homes and into more usable homes suitable to real living. I am really impressed with this design.


As everyone says: Cheap camping/holiday home for us Westerners at $2500, but for Bangladesh.........c'mon guys get real! They most likely earn that in a lifetime, so unless they receive Aid from the West, they have to continue living in their shanty towns.....and that's the lucky ones!!


I have advocated (amongst my associates) making floating houses for flood prone areas for years..

Basically a grounded house boat secured to piles like a pontoon. (As with this design)

Several designs have been made by likewise inventive people, this must be the lowest cost unit I have seen...

Sadly I haven't built my own, as for my location to flood would need a Noah type of deluge. And it is something that the average person doesn't go and buy low lying land just to test out.

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