Bitplay BANG! lamp lets you kill the lights, literally


May 31, 2012

Lights out!

Lights out!

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The Bang! lamp, a "whimsical and interactive objet d'art" from Bitplay, is a novelty lamp that lets you shoot the lights on and off with a gun-shaped remote control. It's as useful as The Clapper, but much cooler and more fun.

Here's the scene. After working four hours of overtime, you stumble into your bedroom. As you slowly start to spiral into the welcoming arms of slumber, you notice it: the light across the room is on. You can't quite summon the will to get up and shut it off, so you roll over in hopes you can ignore it. You can't. No matter how you contort your shoulders, neck and face into the pillow and sheet, that little sliver of light penetrates straight through your eyelids and keeps you awake. It's enough to drive you mad - mad enough to throw a hard, heavy object straight through your lamp.

With the Bang! you have the instantaneous sweet relief of shooting a "bullet" right through that pesky lamp, because not only does your sharpshootin' shut the lamp off, it knocks the shade to the side as if you've really hit the mark. When it's time to turn the lamp back on, draw your sixshooter and finger the trigger - the shade goes back into place automatically as the light powers on. The Bang! remote works at distances up to about 15 meters (49 feet).

After introducing the Bang! last year, Bitplay has begun selling it in Europe, Asia and North America through a series of retailers. Retail price is US$299.

For another interesting way to shut the lights off, Bitplay's TikTikTik features a timer system that you control by way of a tape measure-themed pull cord. Pull the tape out and it slowly retracts, eventually turning the light off - like a manual sleep timer for your lamp. It doesn't look like that model is currently available to buy.

Then again, we could all just get off our lazy rears and shut the ($10?) lamp off the old fashioned way. But the video sure makes the Bang! look like fun ...

Source: Bitplay via Gear Hungry

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This is hilarious! I want one of these!

Andrew Christianson

I want a gun-shaped remote for my TV. Entrepreneurs?

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