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Biometric Wallet opens only with a magic touch


January 31, 2011

The Biometric Wallet, also sold as the iWallet, will only open with a touch of its owner's fingerprint

The Biometric Wallet, also sold as the iWallet, will only open with a touch of its owner's fingerprint

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If you’ve got a lot of money to throw around, what better way to show it than by spending US$825 on the thing that you carry said money around in? That’s the going rate for the Biometric Wallet from Dunhill London. Its tamperproof locking carbon fiber outer shell, leather interior and stainless steel money clip are all nice touches, but what really makes it special – and biometric – is the fact that it will only open with a touch of its owner’s fingerprint.

Another of the wallet’s ooh la-la features is its Bluetooth alarm system. Once activated, it will sound an alarm if the wallet and the owner’s mobile phone are separated by more than five meters (16 feet). The system should also keep the phone from being stolen – it’s two alarms for the price of one!

Should you not want to shell out $825, the same wallet is also available as the iWallet, for a less staggering $600. You can save money further by going for the $399 fiberglass version, or really cheap out with the $299 polycarbonate model. While the carbon fiber version of either the Biometric Wallet or iWallet comes only in black, the lower models come in a variety of colors.

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So when you get mugged, they take your thumbs as well..

Wrrr 10-G

Wrrr, I was thinking that if you get mugged, the thief is likely to take your wallet and your cell phone.. and your watch... unless you have bluetooth underwear, I don\'t think this will protect you from a mugging. A pickpocket, yes.

For the price, though, it needs a little screen inside running Linux that lets you track your purchases, check your balances, etc.


I\'ll wait for the (R)Discovery version for kids.


You gota be kidding. Robbed for your wallet. There are tools, like hammers, etc that can break this open, or didn't you think of this. Duh.

S Michael
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