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BikeBeatz combines a rear rack and a big ol' stereo


November 21, 2013

BikeBeatz lets cyclists blast their tunes

BikeBeatz lets cyclists blast their tunes

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We've already seen bike stereos that mount in the water bottle cage, in the helmet, and on the handlebars. BikeBeatz, however, sits over the back wheel on an included rear rack. Also making it unique are the facts that it's huge, and damn loud.

The 150 cubic-inch (2.5-liter) speaker box is made from half-inch plywood, and contains two 6 x 9-inch speakers, a 240-watt amplifier, a rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, and a line-in port. Users must hard-wire their own music player into that speaker, or purchase a third-party Bluetooth receiver. One charge of the battery is reportedly good for 6 to 12 hours of use.

If desired, the box can be detached from its rack, allowing either component to be used on its own. Rain shouldn't be a big problem, as both the speakers and the amp are water-resistant. That said, they aren't designed to get soaked, either.

Undoubtedly, all you road racers out there are thinking that this would be just great on your Pinarello or Colnago. Be aware, however, that the combined weight of the speaker box and the rack is 25 lb (11 kg). Your bike also needs to already have rack-mounting eyelets on its frame.

BikeBeatz is available in a variety of styles, all of which are priced at US$299. In the video below, you can watch and listen as a rider uses it to share their tastes in music with the no-doubt grateful residents of Chicago.

Source: BikeBeatz

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So, another reason to hate bike riders - 'boombox' music (doof, doof, doof) threading between the cars waiting at the lights. This could not end up well!

The Skud

This is the most annoying invention I've seen for a long while!


NO! Leave us alone! We don't want to listen to your music. You're disturbing the peace! You want to listen to boom-boom-boom, do it in your car with the windows up, with earbuds, or at home with the windows closed.


NEVER assume that your taste in music is so utterly righteous that everybody around will be dazzled by what a radical dude you are because of the tunes you blast.


If someone wants to enjoy music whilst they ride why can't they? Seriously, the 5 seconds or so that you hear them as they pass whilst you walk down the sidewalk is going to ruin your day? If so you need to get a life!

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