Bicyclick lets bikes act as one another's kickstands


August 8, 2014

Bicyclick allows bikes to be temporarily clicked together at the handlebars

Bicyclick allows bikes to be temporarily clicked together at the handlebars

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Whether they ride road bikes or mountain bikes, many cyclists don't like having the weight and clutter of a kickstand on their trusty steed. This generally doesn't pose a problem, although there are certainly times when it would be nice to be able to stand the bike up instead of leaning it against something. That's why Bicyclick was invented.

Bicyclick is basically a set of handlebar plugs, one with a ball on the end, and one with a socket. They weigh 49 grams per set.

The idea is that if you're riding with one or more other Bicyclick-using cyclists, you can just click the bikes together at the handlebars when you park, allowing them to support each other. If you want to keep the bikes from rolling downhill, an included rubber band-style parking brake can be looped around one of their brake levers.

So no, unlike kickstand alternatives such as the Click-Stand and Upstand, the system won't do you any good if you're out riding on your own. If you get the optional wall-mounted Click-Base, however, you can click your bars into it at work or at home, thus keeping your bike from sliding over when stored against the wall.

Bicyclick's designers are currently raising production funds, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$25 will get you a set of the plugs in your choice of straight or drop bar configuration, when and if they're ready to go.

You can see Bicyclick in use, in the following pitch video.

Source: Kickstarter

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Unless I am competing in Tour de France say 250 to 300 grams weight of the kick stand hardly matters. What matters is I can buy one for around $ 1/- to $1.50 !


solution in search of a problem.


@zevulon: Exactly.

If one is riding with a friend and want a break and don't want just lay the bikes down or lean them against something in the landscape, then the bikes can just lean against each other and that works fine without any need for click systems.


I accomplished the same thing more than 30 years ago, using a 12-inch piece of PVC pipe and a rubber strap (made easier 20 years ago with the advent of bungee cords).

While riding, you can use the strap to wrap the pipe to the bike frame.


Does it come with a parking brake? I hope so, because if not, there is going to be a lot of running after them as they roll away downhill.

Mel Tisdale

Hi Guys,

I am one of the inventors and i am sure you will enjoy our products ,Please support us on KickStarter

And yes it comes with parking brake and together with CLICK-BASE it becomes perfect storage device at your home ,office or garage.

Best Regards, Valentine

Valentine Fatiev

another solution looking for a problem.


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