FUBifixie looks like most bikes, but folds up in seconds

When most people think of a folding bicycle, they likely picture something with small wheels and a funny-looking frame. That's why several years ago, Finnish designer Ulf Laxström created the FUBi – it's a folding bike with full-size wheels and a more-or-less traditional-looking frame. Now, his son Zakarias has introduced the FUBifixie. It's even more normal in appearance, plus it offers some other advantages over the original.Read More

Boncho bike poncho puts brakes on the rain

Waterproofs and ponchos might keep you dry when you're out for a walk, but they don't really cut it when you're on a bike. Your arms and legs are left exposed and it can make for a cold, wet and miserable ride. The Boncho waterproof, however, acts like a pop-up tent to keep cyclists dry.Read More

Bicycle inner tube pumps itself up as you ride

It was three years ago that we first heard about inventor Benjamin Krempel's PumpTire – it was a prototype bicycle tire that used wheel motion to keep itself inflated. While it was an interesting idea, it would require users to give up their existing tires, plus the peristaltic pumping mechanism would be compromised once the tread wore away. Well, he has now come up what sounds like a better alternative: the PumpTube.Read More

STiKK bike light gets STuKK in the end of the handlebar

Recent technological advances may have put us in a sort of "bike light renaissance," but the fact remains that some people just don't want a headlight cluttering up their handlebars. Much smaller headlights do exist, but they tend to be pretty weak. Well, that's where STiKK comes in. It's an unobtrusive li'l light that puts out up to 100 lumens.
Read More

Top 10 cycling innovations of 2015

A little over a century ago, the US Patent Office estimated that about two-thirds of all new patents were bicycle-related. While the figure is no longer quite that high, bikes continue to inspire inventors in a way that few other devices do. With that in mind, we thought it was fitting to present another instalment of our annual Top 10 Bicycle Innovations list. Come take a look at what 2015 brought us.Read More

SnapFlask makes any bike bottle magnetic

We've already seen magnets and clips used in products that allow cyclists to do away with their frame-mounted water bottle cage. The problem with both systems is that they require users to stick with a brand-specific bottle. With Torq Athletic Gear's new SnapFlask, however, riders can use any bottle they want.Read More

Fortified's new bike is intended to be Invincible to thieves

You've no doubt seen lots of them around town – rusting, abandoned bikes with all the components stripped away. Their owners haven't even bothered reclaiming their frames, as they were just cheap old "city beater" bikes in the first place. Well, Boston-based Fortified Bicycle is out to change that scenario. The company's new Invincible bike is well-enough made to not be considered disposable, yet is also highly theft-resistant – enough so that Fortified will replace it if it's nicked.Read More

Archont electro gives e-bikes the custom-chopper treatment

Using an electric bike instead of a car is certainly a responsible thing to do, but it may not capture everyones' imagination. Well, if you're one of those people who need a little more enticement, then you might like the Archont electro. Made by Belgrade, Serbia-based Ono Bikes, the e-bike is eye-catching, fast … and pricey.Read More


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