Review: Fixing your bike with a tool called The Breaker

Back in October of 2014, British entrepreneur Mark Windsor turned to Kickstarter to fund production of his chain-removing cycling multi-tool, The Breaker. A couple of years and a design award later, the unique gadget has been supplied to backers and is now heading to retail store shelves. We recently had a chance to try it out for ourselves, to see what makes it so special.Read More

In Pictures: Cycle Revolution at the Design Museum London

It seemed only fitting to arrive at an exhibition about all things cycling on two wheels. As such, we recently rolled up at the Design Museum in London on a rental bike, before venturing inside to look at the assembled bike porn which is the Cycle Revolution exhibition. Here's our pick of the most interesting items on show, including iconic machines ridden by sporting heroes, and some decidedly more out-there cycles.Read More

Telescoping bike changes shape to fit the rider

While getting a bicycle hand-built to your exact dimensions can indeed ensure a custom fit, it can also be quite expensive, plus that bike will be made mainly with one type of riding in mind. That's part of the reason that UK frame-builder Mike Hickman created the Hickman Bike. The idea behind it is that using an "off-the-rack" bike, riders will still be able to get that exact fit, and will also be able to adapt it for different types of riding.Read More

A really big bike for vertically-gifted riders

If you're an exceptionally tall cyclist, then you'll know that finding a bicycle that fits can be quite the challenge. Some manufacturers place a sort of teetering high-rise frame on regular wheels, but according to Santa Cruz-based frame builder David Folch, that setup doesn't result in proper handling or ergonomics. That's why he's created the ginormous DirtySixer.Read More

3D-printed titanium offers new possibilities for bike builders

Road bikes made from a mix of titanium and carbon fiber are already pretty special, and even more so if they're made to order. The folks at Australia's Bastion Cycles, however, are taking things even further. Their recently-announced first model features filament-wound carbon tubes, joined to one another with titanium lugs that are 3D printed to fit the buyer.Read More

Bicycle sports its own full weather station

We've already seen bikes that double as a talk show set, coffee shop and pizza-serving bar, but a full-size weather-monitoring station? That's a new one. It's also exactly what University at Buffalo architect Nicholas Rajkovich created, however, to collect fine-scale weather data around Cleveland and area. Over 50 lb (23 kg) of gear was added to an existing touring bike, which Prof. Rajkovisch rode throughout the city over the course of a summer.Read More


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