Cycling computer now comes with a bike attached

Although many serious bikers use a cycling computer to track their riding stats, it is one more thing cluttering up the bars, plus it can be stolen when the bike is left unattended. That's why SpeedX developed the SpeedForce, a gadget that combines a computer, handlebar stem and headlight all in one device. Now, with the announcement of the Leopard, the company has added one more thing to that combo – a carbon fiber aero road bike.Read More

Velove adds weather protection and extra seat to its Armadillo electric cargo bike

In 2015, we got to know Swedish electric cargo bike outfit Velove and its large, muscular Armadillo quadricycle (quike?). A year later, Velove is adding a fabric body to the Armadillo, creating a more versatile, all-weather electric-assist cycle capable of muling passengers, packages, tools, furniture and other large cargo around city and country. As it did with the original Armadillo, it's testing a fleet of prototypes around its home city of Gothenburg, Sweden before moving ahead with production.
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Review: Reprieve Bicycle Saddle's claims actually hold some air

Although a lot of people may describe conventional bike seats as being "a pain in the butt," the fact is that they're more often a pain in the crotch – in the perineum, to be precise. That's why Texas-based 3 West Design first announced its air bladder-equipped Reprieve Bicycle Saddle in 2014. Two years and one successful Kickstarter campaign later, the first production units are now ready to go. We recently got the chance to try one out, to see how much it really takes the pressure off.Read More

Bike bits protected by magnets in new security system

If you commute on a nice bike, you not only have to worry about it being stolen, but you also have to guard against its components being pilfered while it's parked. In the past, we've seen systems that replace a bike's standard mounting bolts with ones that can only be removed using a special tool. Do you really want to replace all those bolts, though? That's where Hexlox comes in. It can simply be added to existing hex bolts, making them virtually unremovable by passing thieves.Read More

Bike motor keeps things small and simple

A lot of people want an electric boost while they're cycling, but don't want to replace their perfectly-good existing bicycle with a costly new e-bike. That's why several types of add-on motors exist. One of the latest, the Swiss-made bimoz, is not only a lot less obtrusive than most, but at 1.97 kg (4.3 lb) including battery, it's also claimed to be one of the lightest.Read More

Aero Bamboo Bike looks very unbamboo-like

Due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, vibration-damping qualities and rigidity, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular as a frame material for bikes. It also certainly has a distinctive "organic" look, although some people might find it a little too Gilligan's Island-esque. That's why a team at England's Bamboo Bicycle Club has created what is claimed to be the world's first Aero Bamboo Bike.Read More

For better bike tires, just add graphene

When it comes to high-end bicycle tires, buyers generally have to choose between light, fast ones and grippier, more durable models. According to Italian tire manufacturer Vittoria, however, that's no longer the case – at least, not with the company's new Graphene Plus rubber.Read More


Review: Fixing your bike with a tool called The Breaker

Back in October of 2014, British entrepreneur Mark Windsor turned to Kickstarter to fund production of his chain-removing cycling multi-tool, The Breaker. A couple of years and a design award later, the unique gadget has been supplied to backers and is now heading to retail store shelves. We recently had a chance to try it out for ourselves, to see what makes it so special.Read More


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