No-contact bike trainer enlists the eddies

Whether they use fluid, fans or magnets to create resistance, most stationary bicycle trainers require users to place the bike's rear tire in contact with a roller. This wears the tire down quickly, and creates a lot of noise in the process. Canada's STAC Performance is out to change that. Its STAC Zero trainer leaves the tire untouched, keeping its rubber intact and the noise level down.Read More

Xiaomi rolls out Mi Qicycle foldable eBike

Xiaomi is a giant of the Chinese electronics world, and since releasing its first smartphone in 2011, it has branched out into a range of consumer electronic devices, including drones, smart TVs and fitness bands. Now, joining its personal mobility offerings is a new foldable eBike called the Mi Qicycle.Read More

Sat nav bike bell keeps cyclists on course

A Bluetooth bicycle bell – so, what would that do? Well, in the case of the Blubel, it syncs with an app on your smartphone to provide navigational cues. Additionally, if you want to alert other users to hazards on your route, you just ring it as you would a regular bell.Read More

Intelligent bike helmet brings brains to head protection

While the basic helmet may keep your cranium covered, it's probably doing little more than that. Newer "smart helmets" combine modern features with protection, but the latest from Brooklyness may offer an experience like no other. The Classon bike helmet is designed to improve safety and visibility with gesture-activated turn signals, automatic brake lights, blind spot detection, and more.Read More

Best electric mid-drive adds serious muscle and speed to existing bicycles

In addition to the hordes of e-bikes out there, the market has plenty of aftermarket kits designed to turn standard bicycles into electric-assist machines: electrified wheels like the Centinel and FlyKly, friction drives like the ConoDrive and Rubbee 2.0, and mid-drives like the Bimoz. With the exception of the rare powerhouse, like the 3,400-watt EGO-kit, these add-ons tend to use modestly powered motors for speeds between 15 and 20 mph (24 and 32 km/h) or so. The new mid-mounted Bikee Best kit packs more power potential and torque than average, aiming for better hill climbing capability and speeds up to 30 mph (48 km/h).Read More

Horizon opens up off-road biking to disabled enthusiasts

Outrider's eBikes have earned themselves quite a following in recent years, among sensible commuters who want a little boost, and among speed freaks who love the mini-motorbike feeling you get from a fast eBike. Having run a successful crowdfunding campaign in early 2014, Outrider's off-road capable Horizon is now available to buy, regardless of whether you're disabled or able-bodied. Read More

Folding pedals reveal their magnetic heart

We've already seen a couple of handlebar stems that let you swivel your bicycle's handlebars sideways relative to the front wheel, so they don't stick out when your bike is parked somewhere cramped such as a hallway. The Dutch-designed Stokbikes system has one of those too, although it also incorporates innovative magnetic folding pedals that'll help keep your bike from falling over.Read More

Review: Laser-shooting Lumma gets a grip on bicycle lighting

If you commute by bicycle after dark, then you need lights. Not everyone wants a headlight cluttering up their handlebars, however, plus they may forget to bring it if they head out while the sun's still up. That's why Lumma was created. It's a set of bar grips that feature unobtrusive built-in head- and tail lights, along with laser lane markers. We tried it out, to see if it's up to snuff.Read More

LFN Bike provides plenty of ups and downs

Quirky vehicles like the elliptiGO and Bionic Runner may offer a different take on pedal power, but the fact none has made much of an impact on the bicycle market hasn't stopped a Texas-based team from coming up with yet another pedal system. The LFN Bike combines a vertical pedal drivetrain with electric power for a totally unique way to get your legs pumping on two wheels.Read More


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