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Bevometer cooler takes the guesswork out of drink consumption


February 14, 2014

A hard reset button lives on its base if the "life time" counter begins to represent a number you feel would be better left unsaid

A hard reset button lives on its base if the "life time" counter begins to represent a number you feel would be better left unsaid

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The Bevometer, an adaptation of the traditional koozie (aka stubby holder or coldy-holdy), is designed to take the guesswork out of consumption by keeping count each time you exchange an empty for a full drink.

Just like a regular koozie, the Bevometer is designed to keep drinks cool, though it also sports a small display on its side. On this screen are two counters: "this time" and "life time," both of which increase by one each time a new drink is placed inside.

Holding down the reset button just below the display will turn the "this time" counter back to zero, while a hard reset button lives on its base if the "life time" counter begins to represent a habit you'd rather not be reminded of.

The device is not just for counting beer cans though. The team behind the Bevometer also tout the koozie's value as a health tool in monitoring your daily soda or water intake, perhaps useful for those on a strict diet regime.

Having developed prototypes, the team has turned to Kickstarter to get the Bevometer into your hand and counting your drinks. The minimum pledge to land one of your own is US$15 and, if all goes according to plan, shipping is slated for May.

You can hear from the brains behind the Bevometer in the pitch video below.

Source: Bevometer, Kickstarter

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Or, count the empties.

Paul Smith

Sounds like a good way to fool your partner or friend who often drinks too much! Wait till he/she goes to the loo - or outside for a smoke - then take the can out and replace a few times. Chuck the empties in the garbage so he/she cannot check (or add a couple of empties from previously to the present collection) - "Look, you have had 5-6-7 already! Settle down for a while". Make them a cup of coffee and snigger to oneself.

The Skud

Sounds like glorifying alcoholism.

Nelson Chick

Nelson, how is this glorifying alcoholism? Sure, if you wanna boast how many cold ones you've knocked back you can use it for that purpose, but I doubt serious boozers are gonna be bothered parting money for something like this. It seems targeted at those who like their drinks to stay cool and are trying to be more vigilant of their drinking habits, and possibly have less. It could possibly be helpful to work out if it's still safe for them to drive as you can work out how many drinks you've had in a time period. Also, it's not just about drinking beers, you can also monitor sodas and water. I think it's a good idea for water, because during busy days I often lose track of how much water I've had. Right now I make do with a rubber band system on a water bottle I keep close by.

Mia H
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