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The Bentley Azure T – top down for four at 180mph


November 17, 2008

The Bentley Azure T – top down for four at 180mph

The Bentley Azure T – top down for four at 180mph

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November 17, 2008 Readers will no doubt find it surprising that the time-honoured Winged-B Bentley brand, which had its heyday in the thirties, had its most successful year in history last year measured in either profitability (EUR155 million) or production numbers (10,000). One of the models in the ever broadening range that has driven the company’s success is the Azure T, billed by Bentley as “ world’s most elegant convertible.” The new T is much faster than its predecessor, delivering 500 horses from the twin-turbo 6.8 litre V8. The characteristic Bentley “wave of torque” now peaks at 1000 Nm. If you like thunderous performance, driving a Bentley and experiencing being flung at the horizon whilst surrounded in absolute luxury is a treat – and with the Azure T, you can have the top down and share the experience with three friends, all the way to 179 mph.

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