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May 16, 2011

Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen (Image: Bella Sky Hotel)

Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen (Image: Bella Sky Hotel)

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The Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Copenhagen has opened its doors. The 250 feet (76.5 m) tall, 814 room hotel is among of the largest in Scandinavia, but its not the size of the design from architecture firm 3XN that's striking - it's the shape. The building's tilting twin towers lean apart from each other at an impressive 15 degrees, an angle that provides guests with a better view of the surrounding parkland.

The hotel features 23 floors, 814 designer rooms with 200 different room types, 30 meeting and conference rooms, three restaurants, two bars and a wellness center. Natural design elements of earth colors, wood and grass throughout the hotel create a warm atmosphere and highlight the Scandinavian connection to the environment.

The entrance boasts a stunning light installation and furniture is designed to reflecting the structure of the building's facade, which is notable for its pattern of blue and white triangle shaped glass.

"The challenge was to build two towers with a single origin, so a common foyer was possible," said Kim Herforth Nielsen, founder of 3XN and Creative Director. "Designing a sustainable building was also vital to us. This includes insulating the building from solar heat and heat loss, which meant that the facade could not be comprised of more than 50% glass. The facade's pattern provides this insulating effect. And the pattern, which is formed by diagonal and vertical lines, enhances the building's look by following the turning of the towers."

Source: Bella Sky Comwell, 3XN, Inhabitat

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Oh yeah...and that\'s SUCH a beautiful building...I\'ll bet it\'s the crown jewel of the city! In fact, all cities should have a building with the visual appeal of this SPECIAL building.... NOT Come on people...this building is the definition of FUGLY!


What\'s that you say? The designers built the building leaning out 15* so guests have a better view? Then why did they cover half the windows over with the facade. Right, 814 rooms, half with a more view, half with no view, good job. Yes, I\'m agreeing with fugly, too.


Another poorly designed monstrosity marring the worlds cityscapes.


I always thought that the Danes were a pretty conservatine bunch. Looks like I was wrong. This is really inovative

Craig Harker

I like it but sadly it reminds me of a contorted version of the Twin Towers

David Pache
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