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Internet-connected light switch joins Belkin’s WeMo line


January 6, 2013

Belkin's WeMo Light Switch allows household lighting to be controlled remotely over the internet

Belkin's WeMo Light Switch allows household lighting to be controlled remotely over the internet

Belkin has expanded its line of WeMo branded home automation products with a switch that allows household lighting to be controlled remotely over the internet. The new WeMo Light Switch was announced at CES 2013 where Belkin also revealed that existing WeMo devices such as the WeMo Baby will be getting Android compatibility after previously only being compatible with iOS devices.

The WeMo Light Switch is the latest in a steady stream of wireless home lighting devices that have crossed our desks in the past year. Most of these take the form of smart light bulbs with wireless connectivity, such as the Lumen, LIFX and Philips hue bulbs, all of which also boast color changing capabilities.

Belkin’s offering offers slightly more basic features while requiring a more complicated installation. Once it is connected to a home’s electrical wiring, it allows a light to be turned on or off via a smartphone, tablet or computer, and for lighting to be put on a customized schedule or triggered by other WeMo devices, such as the movement-detecting WeMo Motion.

The WeMo Light Switch is set to retail for US$49 when it becomes available mid year. At launch it will be compatible with iDevices running iOS v5 or higher. However, compatibility with Android 4.0 is set to be added for it and all WeMo products shortly after launch. This will follow an open Beta test kicking off in February for users of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and other popular Android devices.

Source: Belkin

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LightwaveRF have been doing this for years...


Vantage, Crestron, and Lutron have had systems like this for years that seem to offer greater customizability. However the price point is interesting.

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