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Belkin WeMo Baby lets parents keep tabs on baby via an iPhone or iPad


October 21, 2012

The WeMo Baby lets anxious parents listen to high-quality audio from their baby’s room

The WeMo Baby lets anxious parents listen to high-quality audio from their baby’s room

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Belkin has announced the launch of its WeMo Baby device that turns any iOS device into a digital baby monitor. Comprising a Wi-Fi connecting baby monitor and an accompanying iOS app, the WeMo Baby lets anxious parents listen to high-quality audio from their baby’s room whether they're in the next room or the other side of the world … though it's probably not a good idea that the baby is left that unattended.

Once the inoffensive-looking device is installed in a nursery (or anywhere you want to listen to for that matter), users download the free iOS WeMo Baby app and connect it to their existing Wi-Fi network. They can then use an iPhone or iPad to listen in to streaming audio using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.

There's no video like we're seen previously on the iBaby monitor and BabyPing, but there is a visual indicator of baby noise, complete with a dial going from a contented green to ominous orange. Because there's no range limit as is often the case with traditional baby monitors, and listening does not require an additional receiver, it's claimed the WeMo Baby will allow parents to travel further afield while their little-ones sleep.

There's also no risk of interference (unless you count your Wi-Fi going down and losing signal) and the device could be used to give peace of mind while users are not at home – up to six devices can connect at any time, meaning mom, dad and the baby-sitter could all be listening in on little Johnny at the same time.

While the free app gives unlimited access to your baby’s status and sound, an optional upgrade from the Evoz baby monitoring service provides advanced monitoring, including cry notifications via text or email. It also offers cry history information, and analysis of baby’s crying and sleep patterns.

The Belkin WeMo Baby is currently listed as "Coming Soon" and it will sell for US$90, while the Evoz premium service upgrade to the free app will cost an extra $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

Source: Belkin

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I typically like Belkin products, but this one is baffling because as a parent I would want to also see my child to determine why said child is crying. This product makes no sense whereas a product like the Stem IZON does.

Technology is at the video/sound stage in this category; this product is throwback of yore. I could list several examples of where the WeMo fails on several levels, but any parent can readily do the same too without my input.

Fahrenheit 451
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