Belkin announces Qode Thin Type keyboard for iPad Air


May 9, 2014

Belkin's new Qode Thin Type Keyboard for iPad Air features an anodized aluminum unibody construction

Belkin's new Qode Thin Type Keyboard for iPad Air features an anodized aluminum unibody construction

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Belkin today announced a new, ultra-thin keyboard case for the iPad Air. Measuring under 4 mm (0.16 in) thick, the Qode Thin Type Keyboard is aimed at extending the functionality of the tablet, while maintaining the convenience of its lightweight design.

Belkin doesn't say exactly how much the keyboard weighs, but says is is so light that it actually weighs less than the iPad Air itself, which means it tips the scales at under 469 g (1.034 lb). The keyboard's unibody construction is of anodized aluminum, with magnetic hinges to lock the tablet into the cradle.

To provide added stability, this cradle also works with a built-in weight sensor to recognize when the tablet is in place, meaning the keyboard will only turn on when it is required. Charged via USB, Belkin puts the battery life at 79 hours. It pairs to the Air with a one-touch Bluetooth key and also features iOS-specific keys for easier shortcut control.

The Qode Thin Type Keyboard is available through Belkin's website and is priced at US$100.

Source: Belkin

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great product, but for 1 flaw. if you wan to protect your i-pad with a back cover against scratches, drop damage or to get a better non-slip grip, the groove in the keyboard does not hold your i-pad anymore. Belkin also put out the Quode keyboard case which covers your i-pad with a thin metal case. worth mentioning


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