Belkin releases Portable Keyboard Case for iPad mini


November 27, 2012

Belkin's Portable Keyboard Case for iPad mini

Belkin's Portable Keyboard Case for iPad mini

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Electronics and computer peripherals company Belkin has released a new portable keyboard case for the iPad mini which promises to bring both a level of protection, and a physical keyboard to Apple's diminutive tablet.

The keyboard connects to the iPad mini via Bluetooth, and an on-board rechargeable battery is said to be good for 155 hours of active use. The keyboard itself folds flat when not in use for easier transport, and there are also iPad-centric shortcut keys for easier media control, in addition to a camera cutout.

A well-designed iPad mini keyboard case could potentially be a boon to frequent travelers looking for a lightweight machine who are weary of touchscreen typing. However, just how comfortable it is to type on such a small layout remains to be seen – one imagines a user experience similar to those very small netbooks which were popular in recent years.

The Portable Keyboard Case will set you back US$79.99.

Source: Belkin via Far East Gizmos

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Yeah this looks like the best iPad mini keyboard case available right now. It does look smooth and luxurious. There's some other ones here:

I'm a little worried about the super-reflective screen. I'm heading to Hawaii in a couple of months and if I can't use it on a lanai then I might trade it in.

Matthew Simpson

Is there any issue with the keys scratching the screen of the tablet here, though?

Bob Fately

Bob, I could see scratching with the Zagg keyboard case but not the Belkin or Kensington keyboards. Here's why: It never hurts to get a screen protector though!

Matthew Simpson

Good Review

Jimmy Hollis

I would like to share one more choice that I got for my iPad Mini as well because I think the more choices,the better for us. This White Shark Keyboard Case is great for iPad Mini. It is detachable keyboard case. When I only need the keyboard,then I take the keyboard;when I only need the case,I just take the case.It is awesome."

Nayan Rai

It seems like Megagear keyboard case is pretty nice too

Aldwin Chan
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