BeepEgg cooks along with your eggs, and sings when they're ready


April 6, 2010

The BeepEgg temperature-monitoring, music-playing egg timer

The BeepEgg temperature-monitoring, music-playing egg timer

What’s plastic, sings songs, and sits in boiling water? No, it’s not Britney Spears at a cannibal colony, it’s the BeepEgg! This little gizmo lives in the fridge, with your eggs, then rides along into the saucepan when you’re boiling them. Its internal thermostat continuously measures the water temperature, calculates the inner temperature of the eggs, then lets you know what level of hardness they’re at by playing one of three different tunes.

To live up to its name, the BeepEgg starts things out by beeping once when the water starts to boil. After that, it plays the tune Killing Me Softly when the eggs are at the soft-boiled stage. When they’re medium-boiled, it regales you with I Wish I Were a Hen (I’ve never heard of it, either). If you like your eggs hard-boiled, you’ll wait for it to perform what might or might not be O Fortuna from the classical Carmina Burana... nope, no idea what the connection there might be.

To shut it up, you just throw it in cold water - something that would probably also work with Ms. Spears.

The BeepEgg is available through various online retailers, and costs around $US23.


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With those choices of tunes, it\'d be straight into the cold water at first bar here. Nice quiet old-fashioned sand egg timer works pretty well d;-)

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