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Be a HeadCase puts the 'app' in 'happy hour'


January 25, 2011

Be HeadCase is a bottle opener-equipped iPhone case, that comes with an app that keeps count of how many bottles you've opened

Be HeadCase is a bottle opener-equipped iPhone case, that comes with an app that keeps count of how many bottles you've opened

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A couple of years ago, the folks over at b3ta.com invited members of their online community to submit mocked-up images of “Unlikely iPhone Apps.” Some of the submissions were quite a hoot, such as the Paperweight app – just activate it on your iPhone, then set the phone down on top of a stack of papers. Even the guerrilla graphic artists at b3ta, however, couldn’t have foreseen Be a HeadCase. The product combines a bottle opener-equipped iPhone case with a free app that keeps count of how many bottles or cans you’ve opened, while announcing to the world that you’re opening yet another.

The ABS hard shell case has a rubberized outer coating, and a stainless steel bottle opener on the back. If you’re worried that an over-exuberant beer might foam all over your $200 phone, well ... yeah, it might. Caution should definitely be exercised. That said, the company claims that one of its openers has opened over 3,000 bottles since 2009, and that the phone inside of it still works fine.

The accompanying app uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect when the opener has been used, then displays your choice of any image from your phone’s album (such as a taxi), while playing a chosen song from your iTunes library (such as anything featuring Keith Richards) or a sound effect already programmed into the app – choices include such classics as “Burp,” “Funky Monkey,” and “Annoying Mother-in-Law.” You can also record your own sound effects, should none of those meet your high standards.

As mentioned, another of the app's features is a running counter, that records how many bottle caps and can tabs you’ve popped – definitely something to keep handy for your next job interview.

Be a HeadCase is available in black or pink, with different models designed for iPhones 3G, 3GS and 4, or BlackBerry. Prices range from US$19.99 to $24.99.

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