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BBQnique: outdoor entertaining that stands out from the crowd


April 1, 2009

BBQnique is a dining and cooking product in one

BBQnique is a dining and cooking product in one

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April 2, 2009 The word barbecue has been in existence since 1699, yet one imagines that man has been using this method of cooking outdoors since the discovery of fire. In Australia and New Zealand, people love to throw a sausage on the “barbie”, the Texans call their barbecue a “Texas Barbecue”, whilst in South America you might find a “Brazilian churrasco”. But, regardless of its name, people world-over simply love the taste of barbecued food.

The cast-iron brass burner uses a 9kg (about 20lbs) gas bottle which apparently lasts 2-3 times longer than a 4-6 burner barbecue. The gas bottle is retractable for refilling ease and there is just one control valve, igniter and burner so cooking dinner is a very simple process. The table seats up to eight people and the burner is a safe distance from little hands.

The barbecue comes with porcelain enamel cast iron barbecue plates and fittings, including a grill and hotplate and a vitreous enamel kettle roast.

The Australian designer of BBQnique, Steve Zagar, is an ex-opal miner and was inspired to design the barbecue when he remembered with fondness the times he had shared with friends, cooking on and eating around a campfire.

The BBQnique has a three year limited warranty and retails for AUS$4950 (approx. USD$3,500).


  • Table top diameter: 1400mm (approx. 55”)
  • Pedestal (base) diameter: 700mm (approx. 28”)
  • Height: 750mm (approx. 30”)
  • Weight (approx): 155kg (approx. 342lbs)
  • Cooking area (approx): 2000cm2 (approx. 310 square inches)

Jude Garvey

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