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Baobed treehouse lets you sleep in the trees or on the ground


April 18, 2014

The Baobed treehouse, by French designers Baobed

The Baobed treehouse, by French designers Baobed

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We've seen many structures that offer shelter while hanging from tree branches over the years, but the Baobed treehouse adds some extra versatility to the equation. The portable capsule is designed to allow one person, or two very close friends, to hang from a tree or camp on the ground.

Though its shape may bring to mind classic TV series Mork & Mindy, the Baobed treehouse is actually inspired by the exotic fruit that dangles from the branches of baobab trees, native to Africa. The small pod-shaped capsule measures roughly 4 x 2 m (13 x 6.5 ft) and weighs 450 kg (992 lbs), so though it's billed as easily transportable, you'll still want a trailer to move it.

Each Baobed treehouse sports three fixed windows, two opening windows, a hinged door, and four attachment points to attach the unit to a tree. Optional extras include a mattress, bedding, suspension kit, platform for ground-based installation, mosquito nets, storage pockets, and choices of color scheme.

Unfortunately, there are no press images available of the Baobed actually dangling in mid-air while affixed to a tree as advertised, but during a chat over email, a company rep informed us that the design has moved beyond the concept stage and is now ready to purchase. Those inclined can contact Baobed via the source link below to discuss pricing and availability.

Source: Baobed via Inhabitat

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It would be nice to see more interior shots. It seems one could possibly put wheels on the one that is made for on the ground and could use it as a camper trailer? mobile home? I think it is really cool. I wonder how many people will see it and think 'where are the little green men?'?


Heat? AC? Cost? looks neat...but?

Bryan Paschke

It appears that used weak adhesive on the mouse fir on the interior, it's al wrinkled. Could use more inside shots.


Wonder how this would hold up to a favorite nighttime activity of two close friends while dangling from a tree.

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