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August 24, 2012

The ECO133 packs small and weighs less than two ounces

The ECO133 packs small and weighs less than two ounces

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The Baladeo Eco133 is the multi-tool for adventurers that don't have time to eat with a proper knife and fork at a three-leaf dining room table. The five-function tool adds little weight or bulk to your load, but it brings everything you need to enjoy a semi-civilized meal. It appears to be well-suited to fast-and-light wilderness travelers of all kinds.

Baladeo has offered the similar ECO100 fork-and-knife multi-tool for several years. In creating the 133, it trimmed all the fat, creating a tool that's "worth its weight" in even the lightest of packs.

The knife and spork of the ECO133 fold up and lock together for travel. In addition to the three standard table utensils, the tool packs a can opener and bottle opener. Its skeletal stainless steel design keeps weight down to 52 grams (1.8 oz) – less than a quarter of the weight of the seven-function ECO100. The knife's handle is polycarbonate and it comes with a mesh case.

The ECO133 is available in Europe for around €50. It's new to the U.S. market and is available on MoonTrail for US$49.

Source: Baladeo

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Are there really people out there that would pay for a spork?


very nice but not paying $50

Michael Mantion

nothing new here. pretty, sort of, but I have folding pocket knives with much more uses. Boy Scouts and campers have carried nesting silverware for many years, and it is much cheaper.


Is it commercial already?

Duong Minh Khanh

Why not remove that polycarbonate piece and make the blade sharpened on only one side such that the back piece can be flush against the skeleton, similar to the CRKT KISS knife. Also, I wonder if weight could be saved by using a silicone bowl for the spoon. The bowl set in a metal ring allowing you to still get sporking action. Probably negligible at those sizes but just a thought.

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