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BRABUS powered Maybach 57 clocks 205mph

By - November 21, 2007 6 Pictures
German automotive performance specialist Brabus has added to its long list of automotive records by achieving 330.6 km/h (205.2 mph) in a Maybach 57 at the high-speed test track in Nardo, Italy. Labeled the world’s fastest and most exclusive ultra-luxury sedan, the high-perfomance Maybach 57 is powered by a 6.3-liter, 730-hp/ 537-kW BRABUS SV12 S Biturbo engine originally developed for the BRABUS ROCKET, the record breaking four-door car based on the Mercedes CLS series which set a speed record for street-legal sedans of a head-spinning 365.7 km/h (227.2 mph) back in October 2006. Read More
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Industry project outlines vision for CO2-neutral transport

By - November 19, 2007 1 Picture
November 20, 2007 A Swedish industry group has outlined its long-term vision to make future goods transportation entirely CO2-neutral. The commendable project is being undertaken by Volvo Trucks together with the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV), Preem Petroleum AB (the largest oil company in Sweden), Schenker (one of the world's leading providers of integrated logistics services) and Vägverket (the Swedish Road Administration). Read More
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Caparo’s T1 lays claim to Top Gear’s lap record

By - November 19, 2007 4 Pictures
News from Caparo that its T1 high-performance two-seater sports car has smashed the leading lap time on the BBC's Top Gear motoring program by seven seconds. But there is a catch – the car wont appear at the top of the lap board because the car's inability to negotiate a speed hump doesn't meet the criteria specified by the programme makers. Drawing on its formidable power-to-weight ratio of more than 1000 bhp/tonne, the T1's lap time of 1:10.6 unofficially beat the previous record held by a modified Koenigsegg CCX. Read More
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Shape-changing vision of the future: Mercedes-Benz Silverflow

By - November 19, 2007 7 Pictures
November 20, 2007 More from Mercedes-Benz on the Silverflow - one of the standout designs we recently encountered as part of our coverage of the Los Angeles Design Challenge, a conceptual showcase of “blue-sky” designs from eight studios entitled "Robocar 2057" that's currently being held as part of the 2007 L.A. Auto Show. With a brief to explore the possibilities of transport in 50 years time, Mercedes-Benz has presented a vision of a sleek, shape-changing vehicle that could adapt to the users needs in various scenarios, transforming from highway cruiser to compact city car or economical two-seater at the push of a button. Read More
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Logan Renault eco² achieves emissions of 71g/km

By - November 18, 2007 9 Pictures
The Logan Renault eco² Concept has achieved emissions of 71g/km while traveling a distance of 172.2km on just 4.69 litres of biodiesel at the 2007 Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai – an event created by Michelin in 1998 that promotes sustainable transport and the development of fuel-efficient, clean automotive technology. In NEDC combined cycle homologation tests for the eco² it achieved a result of 97g CO2/km and finished second out of 74 vehicles in a combined criteria test involving an acceleration test, a slalom test, noise emissions and a regularity run. To put the emissions results in perspective, a compact diesel achieves around 130g CO2/km and the exceptionally green smart fortwo diesel comes in at 88 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Read More
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Ferrari upgrades FXX prototype

By - November 13, 2007 6 Pictures
November 14, 2007 After two years of ferocious testing, Ferrari have made large-scale improvements to one of the most extreme supercars they’ve ever built. Available only to a select handful of owners (including 7-times Formula One champ Michael Schumacher), the FXX prototype now makes a ridiculous 860 horsepower (641.3kW) at a screaming 9500RPM, and incorporates the absolute bleeding edge of barely-filtered F1 technology. Never intended for road use, the car can only be driven at trackdays approved by Ferrari, and all driving data is fed back into the Ferrari roadcar development program. Read More
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2008 Porsche 911 GT2: Faster, lighter, harder

By - November 13, 2007 14 Pictures
Vastly lighter than the 911 Turbo after dropping from all-wheel-drive to rear-wheel drive, loads more powerful and efficient thanks to twin turbos and clever intake manifold innovations, and more racetrack-ready than ever before: the 2008 911 GT2 will be showcased in a few days at the LA Auto show, and it’s a beauty. In fact, it’s the fastest and most powerful production road Porsche 911 the company has ever homologated for the road, belting out a stern 530 rear-wheel drive horses, hitting 100kmh in a mere 3.7 seconds and topping out at an eye-widening 329kmh (or just over 200mph). Read More
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Back to the future: Electric-drive Lohner-Porsche at the LA Auto Show

By - November 11, 2007 4 Pictures
Porsche will present a fascinating historical treat alongside the Cayenne Hybrid SUV at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show – the 108 year old all-electric Lohner-Porsche. One of the world’s first zero emission vehicles and an early forerunner to environmentally friendly technologies like the Full-Parallel-Hybrid system now being showcased in the Cayenne prototype, the Lohner-Porsche was first unveiled at the Paris World Fair in 1900 and its appearance in LA this month will be the first ever public display outside Europe. Read More

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