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157mpg Loremo enters Automotive X PRIZE

The super fuel-efficient LoReMo motor car (that’s 157mpg of super-efficiency) is set to enter the Automotive X PRIZE, a competition designed to foster a new generation of viable, ultra-economic vehicles that are both accessible and affordable to the consumer. The car is among 30 teams that have signed a letter of intent - another 300 are actively considering entry - to compete once the prize is officially funded and launched.  Read More

Networkfleet adds sophisticated vehicle diagnostics to fleet management

August 13, 2007 Networkcar, together with Siemens, has constructed a wireless vehicle management system that not only intricately documents the paths and progress of the cars, but contains a comprehensive vehicle diagnostics program that alerts the fleet manager about any technical difficulties before they become costly problems.  Read More

Chainsaw power

August 12, 2007 Since our first report back in May we’ve been waiting impatiently to see what flavor of unlikely contraptions would emerge at the Silverline Power Tool Drag Racing contest - and if the belt sander-driven toaster and the chainsaw powered wheelbarrow are any indication, the entries did not disappoint. Amazing photo library with this story!  Read More

Big life decisions made in the front seat of the car

August 12, 2007 In today’s increasingly fast-paced, ADHD, lifestyle- and workplace- deconstructed world, there is growing evidence that family relationships are changing dramatically. A new U.K. survey adds further evidence to this phenomena with the news that some of our biggest life-changing decisions are made in the front seat of a car. It seems that the intimate environment and lack of distractions that a car offers creates the ideal environment for significant conversations.  Read More

The original Volkswagen Van sketch

August 10, 2007, We’ve already written up the fact that it’s 60 years since Volkswagen produced the first Transporter (nee Kombi, nee Bulli, nee Camper) but when we saw this sketch that started it all, we got all weak at the knees and felt compelled to do it all again. Inspired by a vehicle staff had built to transport heavy panels around Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg factory, this is the actual concept sketch that led to the first Volkswagen T1 van, famous for its split-windscreen.  Read More

On-road pollution monitoring for car exhausts

August 8, 2007 In the future drivers may only have to glance at their dashboards to see the pollution coming out of their vehicle's exhaust. A new laser measuring device capable of recording the levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane directly from the inside of an exhaust has been constructed by a team from The University of Manchester. By monitoring a vehicle's emissions while driving along, it is hoped the system will potentially help people reduce their emissions by adjusting their driving style. Monitoring gases inside the exhaust is faster and more sensitive than the normally used extractive measurement techniques which involve the gases being caught in a box and tested while the engine is idling.  Read More

Nissan boosts pedestrian protection

August 6, 2007 Every year an estimated 780,000 pedestrians die worldwide in automobile accidents – that’s 65% of total automobile related fatalities. This tragic level of pedestrian injuries affects the GDP of countries by 1-3% and exceeds malnutrition, war, and liver cancer as an international cause of death. With a forecast of 60 million further injuries and six million deaths over the next decade in developing countries, car manufacturers like Nissan are investing in ways to curb this trend such as the “pop-up hood” - a safety measure to be introduced for the first time in the the Skyline coupe scheduled for release in Japan this year.  Read More


August 6, 2006 More than 43,000 people died in car accidentsin the US during 2005 – 500 of whom died as a result of being trapped in their vehicle before rescue teams could extricate them. In case of a collision, many buses buses and trains are equipped with emergency hammers, but the average trapped automobile driver has to wait for the Jaws of Life to arrive with emergency services – leaving them vulnerable to further injury from leaking batteries or fuels, unexploded airbags or debris whilst still trapped in the vehicle. LifeHammer and ResQMe are personal devices to cut through seat belts and punch out windows that are designed to form an effective first line of defense in case the unthinkable, but statistically likely, happens.  Read More

SANYO car reversing camera improves rear-view perspective

August 3, 2007 Backing up your vehicle is often a "hit or miss" situation and relying on guesswork can lead to expensive vehicle damage or even danger to life and limb. SANYO's new CCA-BC200 rear view backup camera system with AirCam technology is a new rear view camera that employs advanced digital processing to deliver accurate, natural-looking rear view images. Freed from distorted wide angle images and hard-to-interpret "fish-eye" perspectives, the camera is designed to enable drivers to negotiate tight spots and make critical back-up manoeuvres with safety and confidence. The CCA-BC200 digitally creates visual guidelines that appear on your car's video monitor screen (monitor not included). These helpful guidelines make it easy to align your car while backing into parking spaces or parallel parking. Guidelines include vehicle width and distance indicators at two, four and eight feet.  Read More

Bentley's newly released Continental GT Speed - the first Bentley ever to top 200mph and i...

August 2, 2007 Three times the speed limit’s just not enough for some. These tortured souls are left to seek purely numeric goals from their car’s speedometer and 200mph is a lofty target to achieve in a street car – particularly if you wish to attain such speeds in style. Bentley’s exclusive Continental GT maxed out at a tantalizing, but for some ultimately disappointing, 198mph, and now the company has atoned for their sins with the creation of the new Continental GT Speed. Fifty extra horsepower bring it up to 600bhp, making it the most powerful production car Bentley has ever built and nosing its top speed up to 202mph. The GT Speed retains all the luxury and decadence of its predecessor, while adding a harder performance edge.  Read More

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