Koenigsegg winds down the Agera era and begins the Regera era

Big things are happening in Sweden. One of the world's most impressive cars, the Koenigsegg Agera, is making its way toward retirement. The Agera has had quite a career, bringing intriguing new technologies to market and earning a slew of honors and records. Koenigsegg celebrates that distinguished run with a trio of "Final" editions. No need to get teary eyed for the loss, though; the even more extreme Regera will soon step in as the official Koenigsegg to be seen in. Read More

Beijing Concept points to high-tech hybrid future for VW

Volkswagen might translate to "people's car," but that hasn't stopped the automaker from attempting to crack into the premium end of the market. The Phideon is currently fighting the battle alone, but if the new Beijing Concept SUV is anything to go by, VW's artillery of cars aimed at the high end is set to expand. Kitted out with a hybrid powertrain to challenge the Volvo XC90's fancy T8 setup, the Beijing hints at the direction VW will take with its next range-topping four-wheel drive.

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Diesel engine concept controls heat to cut emissions

Diesel engines are some of the simplest combustion concepts in use today, with a design that has not changed much in half a century. But what has changed is the complexity of the systems that surround the diesel engine block to overcome inherent inefficiencies in emissions. A research team at the New ACE Institute in Japan has developed a new diesel combustion engine concept using multiple fuel injectors that doesn't require waste heat reduction. With a brake thermal efficiency of greater than 50 percent, the new engine could reduce engine manufacture costs.Read More


Review: A week with the not-so-mini 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman

The full redesign BMW did on the Mini Clubman for 2016 has done a lot to make this more versatile version of the Cooper series a lot more useful in the real world. The Clubman is larger in both girth and length, adding a lot more interior space and improving handling a bit. But there are some losses, most notably in acceleration and the car's driving nature. The Clubman, though, retains enough of the Mini brand's core nature to continue to appeal to Cooper fans who might need more than a tiny coupe.Read More


Techno-Classica Essen: The world's biggest classic car experience ... plus a disruptive new technology

Techno-Classica Essen is the world's largest grass roots classic car event, and you really don't understand the sheer magnitude of an industry until you go to its global "Mecca" and walk the show floor. Here's a tour through the 22 halls of this year's gargantuan gathering in words and pictures, including a look at a new technology roll-out that will revolutionize the classic car industry, 1001 ways to decorate your man cave tastefully, and an explanation as to why the classic car "price bubble" isn't going to burst any time soon. Read More

Renault Alpine resurresction continues with A460 racer

Legendary French sportscar manufacturer Alpine is continuing its Renault-driven renaissance with a World Endurance Championship competitor. The A460 will compete in the LMP2 class, with Renault Alpine hoping to carry on the legacy of the A441 that took out the European Sport-Prototype Championship in 1974.Read More


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