Texting while driving messes with your "sixth sense"

News flash: texting while driving is dangerous. While this probably isn't news to anyone, a study from the University of Houston has delved deeper into why this is, and compared it to other distractions like being lost in thought, or engaging in passionate conversation with passengers. Results suggest that an innate "sixth sense" counters mental distractions, but fails while texting.Read More

BMW says self-driving i NEXT will be available in 2021

From Audi to Volvo, the world's automakers are pushing hard to have their autonomous cars ready for general consumption, but BMW's CEO has just given one of the clearest indications yet of when we can first expect to give up the steering wheel. Speaking at a shareholder meeting this week, Harald Krüger said the Bavarian giant would have an autonomous vehicle called the i NEXT on the road by 2021. Read More

Russian city car leaves convention behind

At the moment, most city cars are shrunken versions of your average family hatchback. They're smaller and a bit smarter, but ultimately they follow the design and manufacturing conventions handed down from their bulkier brethren. Russian company Mirrow has thrown these conventions out the (rear) door with the Provocator city car concept.Read More

Hydrogen car catalyst project opens its first UK refueling station

In order for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) to take off, there needs to be the refueling infrastructure in place to support them. To justify the infrastructure, though, there must be enough FCEVs on the road. It is this chicken-and-egg scenario that the Hydrogen For Innovative Vehicles (HyFive) project seeks to help solve.Read More

For real? Startup talks 2,000-hp turbine-hybrid big rig and 520-hp UTV

If there was ever a time to dazzle the world with promises of futuristic electric car technologies and crazy performance estimates, it would be 2016. Salt Lake City-based startup Nikola Motor Company may have a long way to go, but it believes it can revolutionize transportation. Given its overnight ascendance and off-the-charts claims, we're nothing if not skeptical. We are, however, hopeful that its 2,000-hp turbine-extender semi truck and solar-assisted, all-electric side-by-side – or derivatives thereof – become reality.

Read More

The Top 50 F1 drivers of all time, regardless of what they were driving

Mathematics is the language of the universe, and given the exponential growth of computing power and advanced modeling techniques, it is beginning to make sense of even the most complex of problems. A team from Sheffield Methods Institute in the UK has analyzed all of the drivers, teams and results in Formula One history to produce a ranking of the best 50 F1 Drivers of all-time (with the car/team effects removed), as well as the best wet weather and street circuit drivers. It has also quantified how much of the performance equation is down to the team/car and how much is due to the driver. The results contain some big surprises.Read More


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