Your future Uber rides may not need a driver

Ride-sharing service Uber has announced that it is to follow the lead of carmakers and begin testing its own autonomous vehicle. The hybrid Ford Fusion has been kitted out with self-driving tech by Uber's Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh and will be tested on the city's streets.Read More

BMW i8 Futurism Edition is a beautiful tribute to Italy

Over the years, BMW has teamed up with individuals like Andy Warhol, Ken Done and Frank Stella to create some incredible art cars. It might not strictly fit into that art car lineage, but the newly unveiled i8 Futurism Edition wouldn't look out of place alongside the work of such legendary artists. Read More

Honda launches sleek, new Acura RLX automated development vehicle

Brands like Audi, Mercedes and Volvo have taken a lead in autonomous vehicle development (or at least in media/PR campaigns related to autonomous vehicle development), but that doesn't mean other luxury brands aren't out there researching and developing, too. Acura (and parent company Honda) revealed its second-generation automated development vehicle this week. The specially equipped RLX hybrid boasts an updated hardware and software suite designed to take automation a step further. Read More

Volvo previews new small car family with 40.1 and 40.2 concepts

We didn't always get excited when Volvo announced a new concept car, but things have changed in recent times. Its concepts have been stylish and forward-looking without nearing the realm of fantastical and over-styled. And some have led to compelling products like the sleek, new V90 wagon (originally previewed by the Concept Estate). Volvo's all-new 40.1 crossover and 40.2 small sedan concepts prove that things will be as stylish on the small end of Volvo's lineup as they are at the top.
Read More

Captured CO2 to make Ford foam easier on the environment

As emissions regulations get tighter, there's a lot of focus on making engines more efficient, but engines aren't the only part of a car that are bad for the environment. The plastics and foams spread throughout the cabin are dirty to manufacture as well, so Ford is trying to tackle the problem by using captured CO2 in foam and plastic components.Read More


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